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Because Vooks has been around for more than 20 years, there’s a bit of news in our archives – so why not share it with everyone?

Below are the posts from the current day, but one, two, five, ten and more years ago. There’s not going to be something every day – in fact, some days, everything could be blank. Also, many of our older posts may be missing graphics and images and look broken entirely. A lot of them were written when we were very young.

Here’s what’s in the archive today.

One Year Ago

Two Years Ago

Nintendo Download Updates (Week 9) The Trapezoid - Triangle Strategy Conan Chop Chop, 35MM, Dexter Stardust : Adventures in Outer Space and FAR: Changing Tides.
Triangle Strategy Review - It's a reverse funnel system.
Chocobo GP Review - Go Go Chocobo!

Three Years Ago

Five Years Ago

Ape Out (Switch) Review - Not your daddy’s kong.
Aussie Bargain Roundup – Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn - Inhale woollen enemies on your 3DS for cheap.

Seven Years Ago

10 Years Ago

Iwata: First party hardware and software still Nintendo’s core focus - Nintendo to spend next 10 years redefining entertainment.

15 Years Ago

New ExciteBots: Trick Racing details, Wi-Fi included - The first details on ExciteBots: Trick Racing have emerged since its announcement last week. From the newly released box art…
Classic Controller Pro not coming outside Japan - The Classic Controller Pro which Nintendo Japan announced last week via the company website, at this stage is not heading…
Pikmin producer thinks DS version would work well - In a recent interview between Shigefumi Hino the former leader for Pikmin and the gaming website, GameSpot, While the Wii…
Rainbow Islands returns WiiWare, out this week in Japan - Everything old is new again. After the release of Bubble Bobble Wii a couple of weeks back its spiritual partner…
Atkinson continues to hold up R18+ Debate - You know that debate us general public were meant have about the R18+ late last year? The one that was…

20 Years Ago

Nothing in the archive on this day.

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