About Vooks

vooks15Vooks (pronounced like books with a V) is a labour of love for all of us here.

A love of all things Nintendo and gaming. All of the team here are dedicated to bringing you the best Nintendo news locally, here in Australia and from around the world. Our review team has hundreds of reviews between them and are all committed to bringing you, the wonderful site visitor, the best of advice on what’s worth spending your money on and what’s not.

The Vooks team is comprised entirely of volunteers. None of us are in the gaming industry, we just love games. Since 2000, we’ve been bringing you the news and reviews in our spare time. So whether you are a long time Nintendo fan, a newcomer to Nintendo, or a lapsed gamer who has picked up a Stylus or a Wii Remote and wants to get back into gaming, we’re here to report.

While many other Nintendo sites have come and gone in Australia we’ve been following Nintendo through the highs and the lows and we’ll be here for a while yet.

So if you visit because of news, reviews, our active community, or listen to our Podcast we hope you enjoy your stay.


The Patreon

Patreon is like an ongoing Kickstarter, we’re not asking for a sum of money and making a product. Vooks is a product, its cost is on going and so a Patreon is perfect for this and we want to see if anyone wants to help us out. You don’t have to, we’re never going to charge anyone to read our site and we don’t want people to give if they can’t support themselves first! The ongoing money this Patreon will go back directly into the bills and ease our poor wallet.

Click here to support us, we might even defeat the empire.

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Special Thanks

We’d also like to mention forum members Liam Doolan, Akiyo, borgster101, Fizzy, NX_Monkey, Takora, UltraGekko and JWG who contribute on an ad-hoc basis; your help truly is appreciated. And thank you to all of those in the past who have helped make Vooks the site it is today.

Contributor Credits

Thanks to Kieran Bramich for his work on the Vooks 15th Anniversary logo, design motifs as well as icons for the main navigation.



Beta Testers

The following members deserve my thanks personally for testing Vooks in the years gone by.

Equinox, Eyce, Fizzy, James, JWG, Karnophage, Kirby 102, MLTZER, Nibbler, Ninja Catfish, NX_Monkey, PoopiDoggi, popolopolous, Proficius, Railspider, Santouras, Stuart, Tom The Bomb and Trin.