About Vooks

Vooks (pronounced like books with a V) is a labour of love for all of us here.

Also no, we’re not a teaching website (we were first, thank you)

A love of all things Nintendo and gaming. All of the team here are dedicated to bringing you the best Nintendo news locally, here in Australia and from around the world. Our review team has hundreds of reviews between them and are all committed to bringing you, the wonderful site visitor, the best of advice on what’s worth spending your money on and what’s not.

The Vooks team is comprised entirely of volunteers. None of us are in the gaming industry, we just love games. So whether you are a long time Nintendo fan, a newcomer to Nintendo, or a lapsed gamer who has picked up a Stylus or a Wii Remote and wants to get back into gaming, we’re here to report.

While many other Nintendo sites have come and gone in Australia we’ve been following Nintendo through the highs and the lows and we’ll be here for a while yet.

So if you visit because of news, reviews, our active community, or listen to our Podcast we hope you enjoy your stay.

The Patreon

Patreon is like an ongoing Kickstarter, we’re not asking for a sum of money and making a product. Vooks is a product, its cost is ongoing and so a Patreon is perfect for this and we want to see if anyone wants to help us out. You don’t have to, we’re never going to charge anyone to read our site and we don’t want people to give if they can’t support themselves first! The ongoing money this Patreon will go back directly into the bills and ease our poor wallet.

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We’ve been running Vooks for 20 years now and since then we’ve too many people to mention contribute to the site, the forum, social media and the podcast. These people have helped make the site what it is today.


Editor: Daniel Vuckovic

Deputy Editor: Oliver Brandt

Contributors: Christopher Button, Wayne, Giovanazzi, Luke Henderson, Steven Impson, Laura Lockwood, Brad Long, James Mitchell, Paul Roberts, Ben Szabadics, Andrew Searles, Skye Son, Angelo Valdivia, Troy Wassenaar, Josh Whittington, James Wood, Daniel Worthington

Event Reporter: Theo Kyriakidis

Logo and typeface: Kieran Bramich

Community Team: Kristopher Jorgensen, Nicholas V

Past Contributors

Thanks to all below who have written for Vooks at one point or another.

Adam Mathew
Adrian McMurray
Adrian Verna
Alex Modra
Alistair Wallis
Andrew Proudley
Anthony Felton
Ben Robison
Billy Chlochaisri
Blake Jones
Chris Ticehurst
Cody Davies
Daniel Parker
Daniel Vincec
Dylan Burns

Ewan Miller
Hope Corrigan
Ian Casey
James Pinnell
Jack Baldwin
Jordan Miller
Joshua Moulds
Liam Doolan
Melinda Neville
Michael Verrenkamp
Pablo Garcia
Patrick Lum
Phantom Ganon

Rebecca Gunn
Sam Kayler-Thomson
Scott Dowson
Scott Walters
Sean Jones
Shaun Camilleri
Stephen Farrelly
Stuart Garsed
Theo Georga
Tim Hough
Tim Sparks
Toby Mizzi