Leaked: New Nintendo Switch Stacker, store and play up to 12 game cards under your Switch Dock


If you’re a physical game buyer and lamented that you have to get off the couch each time you want to change Nintendo Switch games, it looks like Nintendo might have something for you. 

Thanks to WaddleDeeKnows and a guy I met while waiting for a PCR test, we have the first leaks of the Nintendo Switch Stacker. This add-on to the new Nintendo Switch docks included with the OLED model will let you store up to 12 games at once. You’ll be able to Switch between these games at any time – and you’ll still have the game on board as well. That’s 13 games without having to succumb to the evil eShop. 

But what if you want to play these games handheld? Thanks to new wireless technology powered by the blockchain, all 12 games in the Stacker can be played wirelessly. It’s the same technology that the Wii U GamePad used, just now powered with the blockchain.

To use the Stacker, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch OLED Model and the included dock or have bought a Nintendo Switch Dock (With LAN Port) separately. Here’s a video on how to use it.

You’ll also have to understand time zones exist and be able to take a joke.

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