New NES and SNES Online games will no longer be released monthly

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, SNES games were finally revealed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service. NES games have previously been released every month on this service, but it looks like that’s about to change.

A post on Nintendo’s website in Japan has revealed that both NES and SNES games will no longer be releasing monthly, instead releasing irregularly from here on out. New games are said to be coming to both services in the future, however. We contacted Nintendo to see if this would affect us here and they confirmed it saying that more games “will be added after launch, but those releases will not adhere to a regular schedule”.

The gradual release of NES games over the Nintendo Switch Online service has been somewhat of a sticking point for fans, with some frustrated at the drip-fed nature of the releases, and some annoyed that certain regions have received less or different games in some months. It remains to be seen how often games will be added to the service in the future, and if there’s likely to be any major differences between regions.

With such a solid launch lineup of SNES games, we’re happy to wait.

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