Every Nintendo 3DS Variant Ever Released. Probably.


Since the days of the GameBoy, Nintendo has always released updated models and special edition variants of their handheld gaming systems. Whether as a way to entice customers looking to buy into the family of consoles, or to win over an existing customer unable to resist the allure of shiny new variation of a console they already own, new versions of hardware have been a successful way for Nintendo to keep the momentum for hardware sales.

The Nintendo 3DS is no exception. Originally released with one model and just two colours, the 3DS family grew to feature six unique hardware variations and literally hundreds of different designs via special edition runs and custom faceplates. There have been so many different variations, including plenty that were released in only in minuscule quantities or in a handful of countries around the world. After scouring the internet, I’ve pulled together every single different member of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Well, everything I could find, but with so many, I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

Without further ado, pull up a chair and peruse through 145 console variants (including two unreleased) and 106 faceplates for a total of 251 different 3DS members of the Nintendo 3DS family.

Click an image for the colour/variant name and a larger image.

Original 3DS



New 3DS and Faceplates

New 3DS XL

New 2DS XL

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  • Ronan B
    June 26, 2019 at 9:18 am

    In the 3DS XL section, you’re missing the Link Between Worlds console.

  • Silly G
    June 26, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    My 3DSes…
    3DS (Aqua Blue) – Bought at launch. Was experiencing what is known as the “pop” glitch after about two years of use, where the top screen’s brightness exceeds the maximum for reasons unknown, and if the brightness is set to anything higher than 1, the console seems to short-circuit as turn off instantly. The console is still usable, but 3D must be turned off and brightness must be set to 1. When the console is partially folded, the brightness level on the top screen return to normal, however, it is unreliable. Furthermore, due to the brightness on the top screen being so high, the battery life is very poor when not being charged. The rubber casing of the Circle Pad also come loose and split. I might bin this one eventually as it wouldn’t be worth the cost to fix it. It’s a shame too because I have kept all of the original boxes (and inserts) of my consoles.

    3DS XL (Pikachu) – Imported from the UK. I had been meaning to upgrade to the XL anyway, and the problems I was experiencing with my original 3DS gave me the perfect excuse to make the switch. I really love the design of this one. It also cost me only $251 or so (with shipping!), thanks to the local UK tax being deducted from it as businesses are not required to charge the tax to non-UK residents (as it used to be here as well). Why pay $250 for a plain Jane model when it cost the same to import a much nicer design? At the time of purchase, there were no other XL models available in Australia other than the stock-standard ones. I have never experienced any problems with this unit. It also came with a bonus downloadable AAA game (via redemption via Club Nintendo UK) as they were running a promotion at the time of purchase.

    New 3DS XL (Monster Hunter 4) – Bought at launch. Upon release of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL several months prior, I was willing to upgrade once again, but I didn’t want to buy either of the plain-looking launch XL models. I was also tossing up between this and the Zelda one that had been released at around the same time. I was put off by the Fire Emblem Fates one due to its very bland design. This console has had decal problems very early on as it was peeling off within mere weeks of use (a common problem with this model, apparently), and now it’s virtually unusable thanks to a faulty battery (it can only be used when charging). I would have considered returning it to Nintendo due to the fact that it was dodgy from the get-go, but I had bought it just prior to traveling to Turkey that year (where I had stayed for nearly 6 months), so returning it was out of the question.

    New 3DS XL (Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer) – Bought to replace the previous one due to its faulty battery and crap decal. I have never had any problems with this one. It’s a really, really cute system, but I was quite embarrassed to be seen playing with it in public due to how feminine and childish-looking it is.

    New 3DS XL (Metroid) – Bought to replace the previous one as I couldn’t get past the embarrassment of playing with the Animal Crossing one in public. The right speaker blew out very early on, and in the rare occasions that it does work, it’s sounds extremely crackly. Very, very unhappy with this one, especially as I have now had glaring technical problems with *two* New 3DS XL units out of three. I might send it in to get repaired, but I’ve had it for so long now that I believe it’s past the period where I could get it repaired for free due to poor workmanship. I’m considering eventually transferring everything back to the Animal Crossing system once I feel like retiring the system.

    I have also bought a Pink/White 2DS for my sister, which she still uses, and the Sun variant of the Sun and Moon 2DS as a keepsake.

  • Oliver Phommavanh
    June 26, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    Brilliant! i have about 10 different 3DS XL variants, love my fire emblem one the best. At the moment, I’m using my pokemon 2ds xL

  • Pokefan
    June 26, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    When the 3DS first case out, I never thought I would end up with five variants of it:
    Original Aqua Blue 3DS,
    Pokemon X/Y 3DS XL,
    white + red 2DS,
    Fire Emblem Fates new 3DS XL,
    and Hylian Shield new 2DS XL

    So far the 2DS has been my main go to when playing on the go. I am too worried to bring the rest out and about in case they get scuffed up…

  • pokemaniak collection
    December 14, 2020 at 6:19 pm

    hi !

    Please remove the picture with the two 3ds LL trozei that are mine .
    I don t want them online, they have been removed from the other websites

    have a good day
    Thanks !

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