Weekly Switch eShop Deals (W25) Metroid Shower


The eShop sales machine doesn’t stop just because we had a Nintendo Direct. While there’s not a whole massive list of games, we do have some bangers. To celebrate Metroid Prime 4: Beyond being announced, Nintendo has taken 33% off Metroid Prime Remastered and Metroid Dread. If Prime 4’s reveal got you hankering for some Metroid, now’s the time to jump into two of the best.

Don’t forget the Winter Sale continues for a few more days, or you know, save for the Direct goodies we got this week.

This week’s highlights: Metroid Prime Remastered and Metroid Dread both 33% off, Overcooked! 2 at 75% off matching previous low, SteamWorld Dig for just $1.50, SteamWorld Dig 2 and SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech for under $6 as well, Disgaea 4 Complete+ is 65% off as well.

Game Name / PublisherCurrentRegularEnds% off
nOS new Operating System (RedDeer.Games)$2.99$60.0006/0795% off
#Halloween, Super Puzzles Dream (FuriouSoftPhoenix)$1.80$9.0016/0780% off
#NoLimitFantasy, Super Puzzles Dream (FuriouSoftPhoenix)$1.86$9.3019/0780% off
#Xmas, Super Puzzles Dream (FuriouSoftPhoenix)$1.80$9.0016/0780% off
#pinocchio, Super Puzzles Dream (FuriouSoftPhoenix)$1.80$9.0019/0780% off
#womenUp, Super Puzzles Dream (FuriouSoftPhoenix)$1.86$9.3016/0780% off
15in1 Solitaire (Silesia Games)$2.25$4.4930/0650% off
20 Ladies (eastasiasoft)$2.99$7.4904/0760% off
3000th Duel (Neopopcorn)$5.62$18.7502/0770% off
4×4 Dirt Track (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
4×4 Offroad Driver (BoomHits)$7.80$19.5017/0760% off
A HERO AND A GARDEN (Ratalaika Games)$3.99$7.9903/0750% off
A YEAR OF SPRINGS (Ratalaika Games)$3.99$7.9903/0750% off
ATV Drift & Tricks (Microids)$1.50$22.5010/0793% off
Adrenaline Rush – Miami Drive (Baltoro Minis)$1.50$6.0018/0775% off
Adventure Escape Room Bundle (M9 GAMES)$21.36$26.7024/0620% off
Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases (Microids)$6.99$34.9910/0780% off
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (KalypsoMediaGroup)$6.00$30.0014/0780% off
Air Hockey (Sabec)$2.40$12.0017/0780% off
Airborne Kingdom (indie.io)$18.25$36.5027/0650% off
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (Merge Games)$4.50$30.0017/0785% off
Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz(ARC SYSTEM WORKS)$6.48$54.0003/0788% off
An American Werewolf in L.A. (Aurita Games)$1.50$7.5020/0780% off
Anime Girls: Sun of a Beach (Halva Studio)$3.00$12.0011/0775% off
Anthill (Thunderful)$1.50$15.0016/0790% off
Anuchard (indie.io)$3.00$21.9527/0686% off
Aquadine (Ratalaika Games)$14.99$29.9903/0750% off
Aragami – Shadow Edition (Merge Games)$8.99$44.9917/0780% off
Aragami 2 (Merge Games)$15.00$60.0017/0775% off
Archaica: The Path Of Light (Drageus Games)$1.50$22.5021/0793% off
Archery Club (BoomBit Games)$4.50$15.0017/0770% off
Art Sqool (RedDeer.Games)$1.50$15.0021/0790% off
Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! (Microids)$6.99$34.9910/0780% off
BLACK WITCHCRAFT (QuattroGear)$11.25$15.0016/0725% off
BOT.vinnik Chess (Silesia Games)$1.50$4.4930/0667% off
Barbearian (Kimmo Factor)$3.19$15.9923/0680% off
Battle Group 2 (Merge Games)$3.00$15.0017/0780% off
Big Top Best Kids Games Bundle (McPeppergames)$119.88$149.8520/0720% off
Bike Jump (BoomHits)$6.00$15.0017/0760% off
Billiard: Classic 8 Ball Pool (Megame)$4.50$15.0007/0770% off
Blackjack Hands (QUByte Interactive)$1.64$6.5910/0775% off
Blasphemous (Team17)$9.37$37.5013/0775% off
Bounty Battle (Merge Games)$5.62$37.5017/0785% off
Bowling (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
Braveland Trilogy (Ellada Games)$4.50$22.5004/0780% off
Bridge Builder Adventure (BoomBit Games)$6.75$22.5017/0770% off
Brief Battles (JUICY CUPCAKE)$3.22$21.5029/0685% off
Bubble Shooter FX (EntwicklerX)$2.40$6.0030/0660% off
Build a Bridge! (BoomBit Games)$6.75$22.5017/0770% off
Buildings Have Feelings Too! (Merge Games)$6.00$30.0017/0780% off
Bullseye‚ĄĘ (Sabec)$4.32$21.6017/0780% off
Burn! SuperTrucks (FuriouSoftPhoenix)$1.80$12.0019/0785% off
COGEN: Sword of Rewind (Gemdrops)$18.75$37.5004/0750% off
Calculation Castle : Greco’s Ghostly Challenge “Addition” (media5)$6.75$13.5010/0750% off
Calculation Castle : Greco’s Ghostly Challenge “Division” (media5)$6.75$13.5010/0750% off
Calculation Castle: Greco’s Ghostly Challenge “Multiplication”(media5)$6.75$13.5010/0750% off
Calculation Castle: Greco’s Ghostly Challenge “Subtraction”(media5)$6.75$13.5010/0750% off
Candle: The Power of the Flame (Merge Games)$3.74$24.9517/0785% off
Car Driver Ultimate (Pixelmob)$7.35$21.0017/0765% off
Car Parking Simulator (BoomHits)$7.80$19.5017/0760% off
Car Racing Trials (BoomHits)$7.80$19.5017/0760% off
Cargo Crew Driver (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
Carnage: Battle Arena (BoomBit Games)$6.75$22.5017/0770% off
Cast of the Seven Godsends (Merge Games)$3.89$19.4917/0780% off
Chess (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
City Stunt Driver (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
City Traffic Driver (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
City Traffic Driver 2 (BoomHits)$7.80$19.5017/0760% off
Cloud Gardens (Coatsink Software)$4.50$22.5016/0780% off
Cloudpunk (Merge Games)$5.62$37.5017/0785% off
Clouzy! (indie.io)$3.00$21.9527/0686% off
ClusterPuck 99 (Coatsink Software)$1.55$12.9916/0788% off
Coast Guard: Beach Rescue Team (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
Coffee, Plis (Cube Games)$7.50$15.0006/0750% off
Color Dot Connect (Kistler Studios)$3.00$7.5010/0760% off
Commandos 2 – HD Remaster (KalypsoMediaGroup)$22.50$30.0017/0725% off
Construction Ramp Jumping (BoomHits)$6.00$15.0017/0760% off
Construction Site Driver (Pixelmob)$7.35$21.0017/0765% off
Construction Site Driver 2 (BoomHits)$7.80$19.5017/0760% off
Cooking Tycoons 3: 3 in 1 Bundle (Baltoro Games)$1.50$19.5021/0792% off
Coromon (indie.io)$15.00$30.0027/0650% off
Crashbots (Sometimes You)$5.10$15.0006/0766% off
Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect (eastasiasoft)$3.74$14.9904/0775% off
Crimson Keep (Merge Games)$4.49$29.9917/0785% off
Curious Expedition 2 (Thunderful)$9.00$30.0016/0770% off
Cyber Protocol (RedDeer.Games)$1.50$15.0019/0790% off
Cybxus Hearts (DarkDes Labs)$5.25$7.5023/0630% off
DEATHRUN TV (Merge Games)$5.25$21.0017/0775% off
DISTRAINT Collection (Ratalaika Games)$8.49$16.9903/0750% off
DNF Duel: Who’s Next (NEXON)$21.29$70.9903/0770% off
Dancing Dreamer (BoomBit Games)$3.15$10.5017/0770% off
Dark Deity (indie.io)$9.12$36.5027/0675% off
Dark Fantasy: Jigsaw Puzzle (NAISU)$3.00$7.5003/0760% off
Dark Fantasy: Jigsaw Puzzle 2 (NAISU)$3.00$7.5003/0760% off
Dark Quest 2 (Brain Seal Entertainment)$7.49$14.9910/0750% off
DayD: Through Time (8Floor Games)$2.92$4.5004/0735% off
Death Road to Canada (Ukiyo Publishing)$5.98$19.9502/0770% off
Deep Ones (Sometimes You)$2.55$7.5006/0766% off
Demon’s Rise – Lords of Chaos (Silesia Games)$1.50$12.0030/0688% off
Derby Racing: Xtreme Driver (Megame)$4.50$15.0007/0770% off
Despotism 3k (Gameplay First)$3.30$16.5016/0780% off
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders (RedDeer.Games)$4.33$19.5021/0778% off
Detective Driver: Miami Files (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
Dex (Untold Tales)$1.50$29.9020/0795% off
Disgaea 1 Complete (NIS America)$26.25$75.0007/0765% off
Disgaea 4 Complete+ (NIS America)$26.25$75.0007/0765% off
Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission (Microids)$19.99$39.9910/0750% off
Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition (Klei Entertainment)$6.25$25.0028/0675% off
Dr. Frank’s Build a Boyfriend (Ratalaika Games)$3.99$7.9903/0750% off
Dracula Frames (QUByte Interactive)$1.50$6.0010/0775% off
Dragon Fury (Esenthel)$14.99$29.9904/0750% off
Dreamscaper (indie.io)$9.12$36.5027/0675% off
Driving World: Aspen (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
Driving World: Italian Job (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
Driving World: Nordic Challenge (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
Drizzlepath: Deja Vu (eastasiasoft)$2.93$10.4904/0772% off
Dungeon Solver (QUByte Interactive)$1.50$6.0010/0775% off
Eat your letters (Kistler Studios)$2.76$6.9010/0760% off
Elemental Knights R (WINLIGHT)$1.52$10.8003/0786% off
Ellada Games RPG Bundle (Ellada Games)$24.00$60.0004/0760% off
Embraced By Autumn (Ratalaika Games)$14.49$28.9903/0750% off
Emergency Driver Simulator (Pixelmob)$7.35$21.0017/0765% off
Energy Balance (Sometimes You)$1.53$4.5006/0766% off
Energy Cycle (Sometimes You)$1.53$4.5006/0766% off
Energy Invasion (Sometimes You)$1.53$4.5006/0766% off
Epopeia Bundle – Coop Puzzles (Epopeia Games)$6.75$22.5020/0770% off
Escape Game Fort Boyard (Microids)$14.98$59.9510/0775% off
Esports Life Tycoon (U-PLAY Online)$20.99$29.9903/0730% off
Extreme Car Driver (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
FIA European Truck Racing Championship (Nacon)$7.50$75.0011/0790% off
FORECLOSED (Merge Games)$7.50$30.0017/0775% off
Flashback (Microids)$1.50$22.5010/0793% off
Flipping Death (Zoink Games)$2.99$29.9916/0790% off
Flowlines VS (Baltoro Minis)$1.50$6.9921/0779% off
GIGA WRECKER ALT. (Thunderful Games)$1.87$37.5016/0795% off
Galaxy Champions TV (Silesia Games)$1.50$10.5030/0686% off
Garfield Kart Furious Racing (Microids)$1.50$45.0010/0797% off
Gas Station: Highway Services (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
Geometric Sniper (Silesia Games)$1.50$4.4930/0667% off
Geometric Sniper Bundle (Silesia Games)$6.49$9.9930/0635% off
Get Packed: Couch Chaos (Coatsink Software)$3.60$18.0016/0780% off
Gleylancer (Ratalaika Games)$4.99$9.9903/0750% off
Glitch’s Trip (Ransacked Studios)$3.00$18.0007/0783% off
Godstrike (indie.io)$3.00$21.9527/0686% off
Grab the Bottle (Sometimes You)$2.55$7.5006/0766% off
Grass Cutter – Mutated Lawns (Sometimes You)$3.57$10.5006/0766% off
Greco’s Hall of Kanji Learn Japanese< Beginner > (media5)$11.25$22.5010/0750% off
Griftlands (Klei Entertainment)$7.98$19.9528/0660% off
Gutwhale (Ratalaika Games)$3.19$7.9903/0760% off
Gynoug (Ratalaika Games)$4.99$9.9903/0750% off
Hang The Kings (QUByte Interactive)$1.64$6.5910/0775% off
Hardcore Maze Cube (QUByte Interactive)$1.50$3.7510/0760% off
Harvest Life + Castaway Paradise (Rokaplay)$6.74$44.9915/0785% off
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition (Thunderful Games)$6.00$60.0016/0790% off
Harvest Moon: Mad Dash (Thunderful Games)$3.00$30.0016/0790% off
Hayfever (Merge Games)$2.24$14.9917/0785% off
Hello Goodboy (indie.io)$3.00$21.9527/0686% off
Hello Kitty Kruisers With Sanrio Friends (Thunderful Games)$3.75$37.5016/0790% off
HoPiKo (Merge Games)$2.99$14.9917/0780% off
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! (Thunderful Games)$2.25$22.5016/0790% off
Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?! (Thunderful Games)$2.25$22.5016/0790% off
Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! (Thunderful Games)$2.25$22.5016/0790% off
HunterX (ORANGE POPCORN)$11.25$18.7502/0740% off
Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon (BoomBit Games)$4.50$15.0017/0770% off
Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (KalypsoMediaGroup)$18.00$60.0014/0770% off
Invisible, Inc. Nintendo Switch Edition (Klei Entertainment)$7.50$30.0028/0675% off
Jenny LeClue – Detectivu (Mografi)$4.51$31.6518/0786% off
Jet Ski Rush (Baltoro Minis)$1.50$6.0018/0775% off
Jetboard Joust (indie.io)$3.00$15.0027/0680% off
Jubilee (RED ART GAMES)$7.50$15.0011/0750% off
Jump Into The Plane (BoomBit Games)$4.50$15.0017/0770% off
Jump The Car (BoomHits)$6.00$15.0017/0760% off
Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition (FRONTIER)$25.49$84.9903/0770% off
Just Shapes & Beats (Berzerk Studio)$16.38$25.2003/0735% off
Kamiwaza: Way of the Thief (NIS America)$22.50$60.0007/0763% off
Kawaii Deathu Desu (eastasiasoft)$2.24$7.4904/0770% off
Kid’s Art Coloring Book (Soroka Games)$1.87$7.4921/0775% off
Kirakira stars idol project Memories (Edia)$21.00$30.0016/0730% off
Kitten’s Head Football (Soroka Games)$2.39$11.9921/0780% off
Klondike Solitaire (Baltoro Minis)$1.50$13.4918/0789% off
Knight Swap (QUByte Interactive)$1.64$6.5910/0775% off
LEGO¬ģ Bricktales (Thunderful)$15.75$45.0016/0765% off
Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Fumoto Campsite (Gemdrops)$17.97$29.9504/0740% off
Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Lake Motosu (Gemdrops)$17.97$29.9504/0740% off
Langrisser I & II (NIS America)$26.25$75.0007/0765% off
Let it roll slide puzzle (Kistler Studios)$2.39$5.9910/0760% off
Life Sim Bundle (Nacon)$67.50$135.0011/0750% off
Little Dragons Café (Thunderful Games)$7.50$75.0016/0790% off
Lonely Mountains: Downhill (Thunderful)$9.00$30.0016/0770% off
LoveChoice (Ratalaika Games)$3.19$7.9903/0760% off
M.A.C.E. Tower Defense (EntwicklerX)$2.40$6.0030/0660% off
Magic Exposure – Yuri Visual Novel (eastasiasoft)$3.75$7.5004/0750% off
Mahjong Connect Onet Puzzle (Megame)$4.50$15.0007/0770% off
Mahjong Masters (Kistler Studios)$3.16$7.9010/0760% off
Mail Time (indie.io)$21.00$30.0027/0630% off
Mainlining (Merge Games)$3.29$21.9917/0785% off
Mandalas (Kistler Studios)$1.96$4.9010/0760% off
Marble Maid (eastasiasoft)$5.24$14.9904/0765% off
Mark of the Ninja: Remastered (Klei Entertainment)$7.50$30.0028/0675% off
Mechanic Battle (MobilWay)$3.00$15.0015/0780% off
Metroid Dread (Nintendo)$53.30$79.9530/0633% off
Metroid Prime Remastered (Nintendo)$41.95$59.9530/0630% off
Metropolis: Lux Obscura (Sometimes You)$4.08$12.0006/0766% off
Microids Indie Bundle (Microids)$17.49$69.9910/0775% off
Mini Car Racing 2 (Kistler Studios)$3.56$8.9010/0760% off
Mokoko X (NAISU)$5.99$14.9903/0760% off
Monkey Wall (COSEN)$2.40$6.0004/0760% off
Monster Blast (EntwicklerX)$4.80$12.0030/0660% off
Monster Harvest (Merge Games)$4.50$30.0017/0785% off
Monster Truck Championship (Nacon)$6.00$60.0011/0790% off
Monster Truck XT Airport Derby (BoomBit Games)$5.40$18.0017/0770% off
Monument Builders Rushmore (Microids)$1.50$10.5010/0786% off
Moon Lander (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes (Merge Games)$3.75$37.5017/0790% off
Multi Race: Match The Car (BoomHits)$6.00$15.0017/0760% off
Multilevel Parking Driver (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
My Cute Unicorns – Coloring Book (Soroka Games)$1.74$6.9921/0775% off
My Fantastic Ranch (Nacon)$12.00$60.0011/0780% off
My Little Ramenbar (Kistler Studios)$2.76$6.9010/0760% off
My Little Riding Champion (Nacon)$5.25$52.5011/0790% off
My Universe – Fashion Boutique (Microids)$6.00$60.0010/0790% off
My universe – Puppies & Kittens (Microids)$6.99$69.9510/0790% off
Nature Puzzle (RuWaMo Games)$1.50$15.0017/0790% off
Neon Abyss (Team17)$7.23$28.9513/0775% off
Neon Mine (EntwicklerX)$3.00$7.5030/0660% off
New York City Driver (BoomHits)$7.80$19.5017/0760% off
Niche – a genetics survival game (Stray Fawn)$10.80$27.0002/0760% off
Niffelheim (Ellada Games)$6.00$30.0004/0780% off
Night Vision (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
OVERPASS‚ĄĘ (Nacon)$8.39$83.9511/0790% off
OVIVO (Sometimes You)$3.57$10.5006/0766% off
Offroad Night Racing (Pixelmob)$6.79$19.5017/0765% off
One Eyed Kutkh (Sometimes You)$2.55$7.5006/0766% off
One Person Story (Drageus Games)$1.50$4.5021/0767% off
Out of The Box (Raiser Games)$14.70$24.5003/0740% off
Overcooked! 2 (Team17)$9.37$37.5013/0775% off
Paint (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
Paradise Island Driver (BoomHits)$7.80$19.5017/0760% off
Party Bundle: Ludomania & Flowlines VS & 2048 Battles (Baltoro Games)$2.98$15.0014/0780% off
Party Trivia (Sabec)$2.40$12.0017/0780% off
Piano (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
Pid (RedDeer.Games)$3.00$30.0019/0790% off
Ping Pong Arcade (Merge Games)$5.62$22.5017/0775% off
Pipe Fitter (Kistler Studios)$2.36$5.9010/0760% off
Pix Jungle Adventures (Kistler Studios)$3.00$7.5010/0760% off
Pizza Bar Tycoon (Baltoro Games)$1.50$6.9021/0778% off
Planet RIX-13 (Sometimes You)$2.55$7.5006/0766% off
Poker Hands (QUByte Interactive)$1.64$6.5910/0775% off
Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition (eastasiasoft)$3.59$8.9904/0760% off
Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold’em (eastasiasoft)$3.59$8.9904/0760% off
Ponpu (Merge Games)$3.44$22.9917/0785% off
Port Royale 4 (KalypsoMediaGroup)$30.00$75.0014/0760% off
Press ‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ to Party (BoomBit Games)$3.15$10.5017/0770% off
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire (eastasiasoft)$2.99$7.4904/0760% off
Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1: Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Remastered / Soul Nomad & the World Eaters(NIS America)$15.00$60.0007/0775% off
Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2: Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound / ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman (NIS America)$37.50$60.0007/0738% off
Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3: La Pucelle: Ragnarok / Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (NIS America)$37.50$60.0007/0738% off
Prinny¬ģ 1‚ÄĘ2: Exploded and Reloaded Bundle (NIS America)$22.49$51.0007/0756% off
Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness (Microids)$1.50$59.0010/0797% off
Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha (NIS America)$22.50$60.0007/0763% off
Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo (NIS America)$22.50$60.0007/0763% off
Puzzle Collection (Soroka Games)$1.74$6.9921/0775% off
Quarry Truck Simulator (BoomHits)$5.99$14.9917/0760% off
RICO (Thunderful Games)$3.00$30.0016/0790% off
RIOT – Civil Unrest (Merge Games)$4.49$29.9917/0785% off
Race Track Driver (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
Radon Blast (EntwicklerX)$2.40$6.0030/0660% off
Ramp Bike Jumping (BoomHits)$6.00$15.0017/0760% off
Ramp Car Jumping (BoomBit Games)$4.05$13.5017/0770% off
Relaxing Art Bundle (naptime.games)$5.80$29.0021/0780% off
Reminiscence in the Night (Ratalaika Games)$3.19$7.9903/0760% off
Retimed (Stray Fawn)$8.28$20.7002/0760% off
River City Melee Mach!! (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)$5.69$17.2503/0767% off
Robox (Sabec)$3.33$16.6517/0780% off
Roguebook (Nacon)$3.75$37.5011/0790% off
Roll The Cat (Ratalaika Games)$3.19$7.9903/0760% off
Rotating Brave (COSEN)$3.00$7.5004/0760% off
Ruin Raiders (indie.io)$3.00$30.0027/0690% off
SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (NIS America)$22.50$60.0007/0763% off
SWARMRIDERS (QUByte Interactive)$1.50$2.9910/0750% off
Salad Bar Tycoon (Baltoro Games)$1.50$7.4917/0780% off
Saviors of Sapphire Wings Stranger of Sword City Revisited (NIS America)$26.25$75.0007/0765% off
Say No! More (Thunderful)$3.37$22.5016/0785% off
Scrap Riders (Microids)$10.50$30.0010/0765% off
Shadows Over Loathing (Asymmetric)$21.00$30.0010/0730% off
Shopping Mall Parking Lot (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
Shu (Coatsink Software)$1.55$12.9916/0788% off
Sigi – A Fart for Melusina (Sometimes You)$2.55$7.5006/0766% off
Siralim 3 (Thylacine Studios)$11.25$22.5027/0650% off
Siralim Ultimate (Thylacine Studios)$14.99$29.9927/0650% off
Skull Rogue (Drageus Games)$1.50$4.5021/0767% off
SkyTime (Sometimes You)$1.53$4.5006/0766% off
Slaycation Paradise (Merge Games)$4.50$30.0017/0785% off
Snowball Collections Bubble (FuriouSoftPhoenix)$1.80$9.0016/0780% off
Solitaire: Classic Card Game (Megame)$4.50$15.0007/0770% off
Solo: Islands of the Heart (Merge Games)$4.49$29.9517/0785% off
Sophstar (RED ART GAMES)$9.75$19.5011/0750% off
Space Lines: A Puzzle Arcade Game (RuWaMo Games)$1.65$9.9917/0783% off
Spaceland (Ellada Games)$6.00$30.0004/0780% off
Sparklite (Merge Games)$5.62$37.5017/0785% off
Spice and Wolf VR (Gemdrops)$17.00$34.0004/0750% off
Spice and Wolf VR2 (Gemdrops)$17.00$34.0004/0750% off
Spirit Roots (Drageus Games)$1.50$10.5021/0786% off
Spirit of the North (Merge Games)$4.72$31.5017/0785% off
Sports Car Driver (Pixelmob)$6.30$18.0017/0765% off
Spy Alarm (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem (Sometimes You)$4.08$12.0006/0766% off
SteamWorld Dig (Thunderful)$1.50$15.0016/0790% off
SteamWorld Dig 2 (Thunderful)$5.99$29.9916/0780% off
SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition (Thunderful)$2.99$29.9916/0790% off
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech (Thunderful)$5.69$37.9916/0785% off
Stellar Interface (ImaginationOverflow)$4.48$19.5030/0677% off
Stick It to The Man (Zoink Games)$1.80$18.0016/0790% off
Story of a Gladiator (Brain Seal Entertainment)$7.50$15.0010/0750% off
Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands (Merge Games)$5.62$37.4917/0785% off
Street Power Football (Nacon)$4.50$45.0011/0790% off
Struggling (FRONTIER)$6.64$18.9903/0765% off
Sublevel Zero Redux (Coatsink Software)$1.57$22.5016/0793% off
Super Car Driver (Pixelmob)$7.35$21.0017/0765% off
Super Chariot (Microids)$4.47$22.3510/0780% off
Super Disc Soccer (Kistler Studios)$2.40$6.0010/0760% off
Super Hero Driving School (BoomBit Games)$4.50$15.0017/0770% off
Super Hero Flying School (BoomHits)$6.00$15.0017/0760% off
Super Shape Shooter (Kistler Studios)$2.36$5.9010/0760% off
TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge (Nacon)$7.50$75.0011/0790% off
TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 (Nacon)$9.00$90.0011/0790% off
TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD (Krome Studios)$13.99$39.9903/0765% off
Table Tennis (Sabec)$2.70$13.5017/0780% off
Takorita Meets Fries (Ratalaika Games)$3.19$7.9903/0760% off
Tennis World Tour (Nacon)$7.69$76.9511/0790% off
Tennis World Tour 2 (Nacon)$9.00$90.0011/0790% off
Terracotta (indie.io)$3.00$30.0027/0690% off
The Count Lucanor (Merge Games)$3.37$22.4917/0785% off
The Dark Prophecy (Ratalaika Games)$5.99$14.9903/0760% off
The Diabolical Trilogy (COWCAT)$6.00$30.0004/0780% off
The Escapists 2 (Team17)$7.50$30.0013/0775% off
The Hand of Glory (Meangrip Studio)$6.37$25.5002/0775% off
The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero (NIS America)$42.00$60.0007/0730% off
The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure (NIS America)$42.00$60.0007/0730% off
The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails (NIS America)$37.50$60.0007/0738% off
The Lightbringer (Merge Games)$4.59$22.9917/0780% off
The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)$8.73$34.9503/0775% off
The Silver Case 2425 (NIS America)$27.00$60.0007/0755% off
The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf (Microids)$13.99$69.9510/0780% off
The Sokoban (UNBALANCE)$11.25$22.5016/0750% off
The Tiny Bang Story (Ellada Games)$2.55$12.7504/0780% off
The Unicorn Princess (Nacon)$5.25$52.5011/0790% off
The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition (Merge Games)$3.90$19.5017/0780% off
Through the Years (BoomHits)$6.39$15.9917/0760% off
Time on Frog Island (Merge Games)$7.19$35.9517/0780% off
Timelie (Merge Games)$7.50$30.0017/0775% off
Tiny Gladiators (BoomBit Games)$6.75$22.5017/0770% off
Titans Black Ops (Kistler Studios)$2.70$6.7510/0760% off
Trailblazers (Thunderful Games)$4.50$45.0016/0790% off
Truck Simulator USA & ATV Monster Rally Bundle (SUCCESS GAMES)$4.99$29.9902/0783% off
Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure (Merge Games)$6.74$44.9517/0785% off
Unlock The King 3 (QUByte Interactive)$1.64$6.5910/0775% off
Unlock the King 2 (QUByte Interactive)$1.64$6.5910/0775% off
V-Rally 4 (Nacon)$7.50$75.0011/0790% off
Vaporum (Merge Games)$5.24$34.9917/0785% off
Vasilis (Sometimes You)$2.55$7.5006/0766% off
Volley Pals (NAISU)$3.90$9.7503/0760% off
Vzerthos: The Heir of Thunder (DarkDes Labs)$5.25$7.5023/0630% off
WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship (Nacon)$7.50$75.0011/0790% off
WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship (Nacon)$7.50$75.0011/0790% off
West of Loathing (Asymmetric)$6.40$16.0010/0760% off
What The Zombies?! (Dawid Poleszczuk)$1.50$5.5518/0773% off
Wizards Legacy – Nightmare Park Manager Simulator(Testagamercreations)$1.50$14.9030/0690% off
Word Mesh (EntwicklerX)$4.20$10.5030/0660% off
World Of Solitaire (Baltoro Games)$1.50$22.5018/0793% off
World Soccer (Sabec)$2.40$12.0016/0780% off
Worldless (Coatsink Software)$19.46$29.9516/0735% off
Yesterday Origins (Microids)$3.35$22.3510/0785% off
Youtubers Life OMG Edition (U-PLAY Online)$18.00$45.0003/0760% off
ZIC: Zombies in City (Megame)$4.50$15.0007/0770% off
Zombie Scrapper (Ransacked Studios)$3.00$4.5007/0733% off

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