Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first DLC, The Teal Mask is out now


The first part of Pok√©mon Scarlet and Violet’s downloadable content has been release. Part one, The Teak Mask sees you take a trip to the land of Kitakami and joining an outdoor studies Pok√©mon between the academy and another school.

In this new area, there are new Pok√©mon to catch and whole new story to play through. You’ll need to download the latest version of either Pok√©mon Scarlet and Violet alongside the update. Make sure you purchase the right version of the DLC as well that corresponds with the version of the game you have.

Patch notes for version 2.0.1 reveal a bunch of quality of life changes, including fixing box speed and pinning the mini-map to north.

Additional Pokémon

For Trainers who have not purchased The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, additional Pok√©mon may appear via local or online communication modes.

Newly Added Features

  • You will now be able lock the mini map that appears while you are out in the field so that up is always north. You can do this by pressing the Right Stick twice while you have the map app open to select the App and mini maps locked setting.
  • Camera settings have been added to the Options menu. These settings will let you adjust how the camera works while you are out in the field.
  • We have added a feature that allows you to signal a Pok√©mon accompanying you in the field to stop and wait where it is. To give this signal, press the Left Stick.
  • You can now take pictures by pressing the A Button in the camera app.
  • You can now play music by pressing the ZL Button or ZR Button while the camera app is open. You may find that Pok√©mon accompanying you in the field and people around you will react to the music.
  • While using the Union Circle, Trainers can now share photos they have taken with the camera app during that Union Circle session with the friends they are playing with.
  • We have added a feature to TM Machines that allows you to filter for moves your Pok√©mon can learn. By interacting with a TM Machine and selecting the option to filter for learnable moves, you will be able to display only TMs containing moves that a specific Pok√©mon can learn.

Bug Fixes and Feature Adjustments

  • Incorrect descriptive text for the moves Ceaseless Edge, Dire Claw, and Stone Axe has been corrected. The descriptions for these moves previously included the words ‚Äúaiming to land a critical hit,‚ÄĚ but these moves do not increase the critical-hit ratio in Pok√©mon Scarlet and Pok√©mon Violet. This wording has been removed from these descriptions.
  • We have fixed a bug where the Itemfinder Mark would not be applied to a Pok√©mon even if the conditions were met.
  • Wild Pok√©mon that have the Titan Mark will now reappear in the field after a certain amount of time if they have been defeated.
  • We have made adjustments to the way Pok√©mon icons are displayed in the Boxes.
  • Other select bug fixes have been implemented.

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