Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s second DLC, The Indigo Disk is out now


The final part of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet expansion pass, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk, is available now. To get it you’ll have had to bought the pass, and just update the game to version 3.0.0. Alongside access to the new DLC, the patch fixes a smaller number of issues with the game.

In The Indigo Disk, you’ll travel to the Blueberry Academy in the Unova region to battle it out in a terrarium with four different environments. There are new characters and Pokémon to meet, including return Pokémon from past games, the Starter Pokémon from previous generations and returning Legendaries.

You’ll also be able to compete in the BB League and visit the Clubroom; Miraidon & Koraidon can now fly, the Synchro Machine lets you play as a Pokémon, and there’s a lot more hidden in there, we’re sure.

The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC expansion, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, will set you back $52.50 for the entire expansion pass. Be sure to buy the correct version for your game.

Below are the patch notes for version 3.0.0 of the game.

Additional Pokémon

For Trainers who have not purchased The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, additional Pokémon may appear via local or online communication modes.

Feature Adjustments

  • The difficulty of the Ogre Oustin’ minigame has been adjusted.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug that resulted in the Hospitality Ability causing unintended behavior in certain situations.
  • The effects of the Protosynthesis and Quark Drive Abilities will no longer occur while the Neutralizing Gas Ability is in effect.
  • Other select bug fixes have been implemented.

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