Sports Story finally releasing on Switch next month


It’s been 3000 years but, finally, Sports Story is almost here. Wait, it hasn’t been 3000 years? It sure felt like it.

The Australian-developed Sports Story ‚Äď a follow up to the instant classic Golf Story ‚Äď will be releasing next month, Nintendo revealed during its Indie World presentation early this morning. The long-awaited follow-up takes everything you loved about Golf Story and ramps it up to 11, adding tennis, soccer, and much much more (some of which aren’t even sports!) for players to wrap their heads around. Of course, it’ll likely be steeped in Aussie culture just like the first game, so that’s a fun little side bonus for us in the land down under.

Sports Story was originally announced as a Switch exclusive back in late 2019 during another Indie World presentation, after development started on the game in 2018. At the time, developer Sidebar Games said it would be coming mid-2020… which you might’ve noticed, did not happen. The studio gave an update in late-2020 to say that it had been delayed and declined to offer a new release window. They also gave a very small update last year, just to let us all know it still existed and would come eventually. Now, four years since the game’s development began, we’re finally almost here.

Sports Story will launch sometime in December. We don’t know exactly when, but you can be sure we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for even the slightest hint of an exact release date.

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