The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Detailed With New Champion amiibo

Update: Nintendo Australia has confirmed to us that the four Breath of the Wild Champion amiibo will be sold separately in Australia, not in a four pack as previously announced.

Nintendo has detailed what to expect from the upcoming DLC packs for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch and Wii U.

The first DLC pack, called The Master Trials is due for release on June 30th and looks to add some pretty cool content. One of the main attractions is Trial of the Sword,  where players are challenged to take part inside an ever-changing chamber, facing off against different waves of enemies in many different scenarios. Similar to one of the challenges in the main Breath of the Wild campaign, Link is stripped from all his items and weapons and must survive by his wit alone. Well, that and whatever he can scavage on site, Solid Snake Style. If you actually manage to finish the Trial of the Sword, you are rewarded with an upgrade to the Master Sword, granting it extra power.

The Master Trials DLC also comes with the previously mentioned Master Mode, which ups the difficulty of the game and adds some new groups of enemies too. Also part of the first DLC pack will be new clothing items, taking a design sampling from other games in the Zelda series.

The Second DLC pack, called The Champions’ Ballad is also still coming to the end of 2017, but no information other than its name and that it will somehow include the Champions has been revealed. Speaking of the Champions, a new set of amiibo was revealed featuring Mipha, Rivalli, Daruk and Urbosa.¬†Functionality is also yet to be shown.

Stay with Vooks as we find out more.

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