Nintendo Australia’s eBay store is shutting down this month


For those not in the know, Nintendo Australia runs an eBay store, where it sells an assortment of official products. At the end of the month, that will no longer be the case.

A new notice on both the official Nintendo AU/NZ eBay store, and the store’s accompanying support page on the official NAL website, has announced that Nintendo Australia’s eBaying days would soon be coming to a close. The store is currently set to close after the 30th of November.

PLEASE NOTE: Product sales on the Nintendo AU/NZ eBay Store will end after 30th November 2020.

Nintendo AU/NZ eBay page

The Nintendo Australia eBay page has seen a number of new and interesting products sold, including some rare and hard-to-get products. It first major use with the announcement and release of Hello Kitty amiibo cards for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and saw continued releases such as the Boxboy Qbby amiibo, and various hardware bits and bobs. Now, it exists mostly as a place to pick up replacement parts for various LABO kits, as well as face plates for the New Nintendo 3DS, and curiously, one Smash amiibo: Villager.

It’s not currently known if Nintendo Australia has plans to host these products ‚ÄĒ particularly the LABO replacement parts ‚ÄĒ elsewhere once the eBay store closes down. We can only hope it’ll be replaced with a more robust in-house shopping option, perhaps like the UK’s My Nintendo Store, where Nintendo fans can buy all sorts of cool merch and Nintendo products.

We can dream, at least.

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