Call of Duty: Ghosts Free Fall pre-order map won’t be available at launch on Wii U


Third party games, when they’re actually coming, haven’t had a good run as of late on the Wii U and things aren’t going to get any better with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

An intrepid reader sent us an image this morning of lads magazine Zoo Weekly, on the back of it an advert for Call of Duty Ghosts. Nothing special there, it even says the game is coming to the Wii U – something that some adverts completely miss out on.

The advert shows off the bonus preorder map Free Fall, you get the map if you preorder the game – it’s the small text under that got our readers attention though. “FreeFall bonus map not available on Wii U”

Activision have previously confirmed the map for Wii U, so we emailed them to find out more and our fears were confirmed. The Free Fall bonus map isn’t coming to the Wii U at launch, if at all.


Our local Acitivision rep had the following to say “It’s just not confirmed for the day one release, but there is definitely a chance that it will become available at a later stage”.

We weren’t able to confirm if this was just for Australia or it will affect the rest of the world. Hopefully if it’s just the former if we’re not getting the DLC at all.

It’s also been confirmed that the Wii U version of Ghosts will not receive Clan support in game further adding salt to the woud.


Definitely not the most iron clad of chances then. Lloyd know the score.

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  • smashbrolink
    October 31, 2013 at 7:01 am

    Activision, I’m telling you right now; not properly supporting versions of your games is the QUICKEST way to ensure that sales of those versions stay low for the entirety of their time on the market.
    When the Wii U picks up momentum, and it WILL pick up momentum, either during this holiday or in 2014 when its bigger names start seeing releases, Ghosts will still not be making you money on the Wii U, because just like Black Ops 2, you’re failing to support it properly.
    No amount of increased install base is going to redeem a game that’s not at least equal in levels, gears, and rewards to its other versions.
    Pick up the slack, soldiers! You’re failing your squad!

  • luminalace
    November 1, 2013 at 12:12 am

    Call me a sceptic but I expect to never see the map or DLC for the Wii U version. Every year, we get our hopes up and every year Activision disappoints!

  • Johnny pockle
    November 2, 2013 at 3:05 am

    This is bs wiiu has a great fan base with cod and it disappoints me we have no fucking dlc I know for a fact everyone would buy dlc

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