Vooks Discord Update – Theme nights! Milestones!


It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but there’s been so much happening in the Discord lately, that it was time to go through it all!

For those unfamiliar, Discord is a group and community chat program, specifically geared towards gamers. There are text channels for discussion, as well as voice channels for chatting while playing a game. We’ve set up a specific channel for the Vooks community, for Nintendo game discussions, and finding people to play your favourite games with! We also hold game specific nights for everyone in the community to come together and play, which we will be getting into detail in this update!

If you’re already interested, click here to join now!

Theme Nights

Saturdays in the Discord are our usual Games Night, but things have been strange lately…¬†The Switch launch has been our focus, with the Breath of the Wild channel seeing the most discussion in the last month.

But we held a survey, and the overwhelming feedback is that you all wanted more games nights! Of… different games… So, we’re going to try divvy up the nights and games across the week! Saturday will still be our usual Games Night if anything outside of these games comes out, however. The more variety the better, right?

First up is Monster Monday! Monday nights from here on are going to be dedicated to Monster Hunter! You might need some help with some hunts, just after some multiplayer, hoping to learn from some hunting masters, or even just willing to teach new players- Monster Monday is for you! We also have a survey to fill out, to help us figure out what you all want out of these nights, so be sure to jump on the Monster Hunter channel for the link, and fill that out!


Secondly is Splatuesday!¬†These nights will be all about finding fellow squids to play with, doesn’t matter if it’s in ranked, private lobbies, or just classic Turf Wars! Might be a good time to find some teammates and get some practise in for any potential Splatoon tournaments… We also have some ideas and plans for Splatuesday in the future, so be sure you’re around for those!

Fast Friday is, well I’m sure you can guess… it’s for racing games. Right now, we’re running a Mario Kart Tournament- that starts tomorrow night, so join up, full out the sign up form, and come race with us!

Last up is a project we’re still working out the details with- Sunday Night Bite! We’re going to be streaming a variety of games, with a rotation of different hosts. Go and subscribe to the Vooks Twitch channel, and stay tuned!


On top of all this, we still have plans and ideas for more nights and games, but let us know what you want in the Discord!


So I guess everyone was keen to talk about the Switch? At the start of March, we cracked 300 members total in the Discord! As a thank you, we held a small giveaway of 6 Super Mario collectable pins, with the winners drawn last week! Thank you to every one joined, and filled out the survey to help us figure out what direction to take for the Discord. Some of those ideas have already been put into action, with many more still in the ‘figuring out’ phase, so stay tuned! And of course, always feel free to contact us with any more ideas you may have!

Right now, we’re well over 400 members, and growing still! Next step: 500!

That’s all for now, click here to join the Discord, and let me (Stew) know if you have any questions or ideas for the future! Thanks for reading!

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