Vooks Discord Update (23/11) РSmash results, Pokémon mania!

by ToriNovember 23, 2016

First off- we cracked 200 members! At the time of writing, we currently have 207 Vooks/Nintendo fans in the Discord server, talking every day about Nintendo news, finding people to play with, and just having some fun all round! What exactly do we talk about and do in there? Well, read on…

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Tourney

There were some concerns about the technical side of how Smash Bros. does it’s connections (No dedicated servers = bad for Australian internet), but it was an overall success! People joined and played as many rounds as they could in the span of two hours. Results are below!


And our two winners received their prizes, of picking emoji for the channel for everyone to use, with Marth and a female Villager from Animal Crossing now immortalised in the Vooks Discord. marthvillager

Missed out? Wanna know what these nights usually look like? Thanks to sheepytina, you can watch some footage from the night below!

Pokemon Sun and Moon

And while all that was happening, Thursday night was bustling in the #sunmoon channel, as we were sharing our midnight launch experiences with each other. Some went for eShop, some (like me) went to their local EB Games to pick up their copies. And after the dust settled, we all got stuck into the game…

If you’d like to join in the discussion, click here to join the server, and let one of the Vooks Team or Mods know if you got Sun, Moon, or both! Once you have the tag, you’ll have access to the #sunmoon channel, which is a bit more lenient to spoiler discussions in regards to Pokemon discoveries and trials- still no story spoilers, please!



And this weekend is Game Night #4, all about Sun and Moon! Find some trades, do some battles, whatever you like! Our mod Lunick will be helping us sort out the details, so join up now and stay posted!

“Other Games” nights

Over the holiday period, we’re probably going to ease up on the tournaments, and focus on the games that you guys voted for in this poll here. We will be posting results soon, so if you still have some obscure games you want to play with people, let us know what they are!

Regular tournament game nights should resume in January, including some more collaborations with our friends at Oceanink Offensive!

That’s everything for this week, but as always, stay posted for more news and roundups!


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