Vooks Discord Update (29/11) – Tri Force Heroes, and beyond

by ToriNovember 29, 2016

Welcome back to another round up of the Discord, where things are winding down… unless it’s about Pokemon Sun and Moon, the chat that never sleeps.

Still haven’t joined? Well, click here right now! Not sure what Discord is? In short, it’s a group chat made for gamers, with the Vooks server specifically being for Australian Nintendo discussion, news, and community. Plenty of text channels, and voice channels if you find some people to play with- that’s right, voice chat while playing Nintendo games!

While we’re winding down, we figured this is a good opportunity to play some more co-op based games. No tournaments for a while, just some friendly gaming to cap 2016 off. But stay tuned in January- it’s going to be a big month in the server!

December 3rd – Tri Force Heroes


This weekend will be all about Tri Force Heroes, the 3 player co-op Legend of Zelda game that some people loved, some people hated. We think it’s only really fun playing when you have 3 people, so come find a bunch of Links and finish this game, once and for all! Let us know if you want to find people to play with, so we can add you to the #triforceheroes chat!

December 10th – Federation Force


The following weekend will be a revisit to one of the first games we organised some play for- Metroid Prime: Federation Force! This one is a 4 player co-op game, but still very playable with 2-3 players. Let us know if you want to play, so we can add you to the #federationforce chat!

December 17th – Monster Hunter Generations


Monster Hunter is definitely hard to get into on your own- I had to be mentored on a lot of the mechanics before it really clicked. So if you’re keen on trying it out, come join in and let us know- and spread the word if you’re already an avid player!

Christmas Eve – Pokken Tournament


If you’re at home on Christmas Eve, why not join us for some Pokken? No tournaments or anything, just a pre-madness get together with some fellow Nintendo fans!

That’s really everything we have for December for now, we hope you’ll join the discussion and community!

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