Opinion: New 3DS models could bring in SNES and GBA Virtual Console, cross buy for the system


One of the biggest complaints about the Nintendo 3DS Virtual console is that there are no Super Nintendo or GameBoy Advance titles on the system. The system simply cannot emulate them, and as we know the Ambassador games are kind of cheating. It’s even more bizarre that the¬†Wii U has the Game Boy Advance games as well. Shouldn’t the portable console have portable games? But I digress.

The newly announced 3DS and 3DS XL models have a number of internal and external improvements, and one of those is a higher spec CPU. Now with limited information we don’t know if it’s the same CPU running at a higher speed or a new one all together, but we’d wager on the first. This is great news though, for a couple reasons.


I am just speculating here, but with the increased power of this new 3DS could now enable there to be enough power to emulate both the SNES and the GBA. This would mean that original 3DS owners will miss out on these titles, but then again, Nintendo don’t seem too concerned about that just now.

There’s also another sign that point to the fact that it Nintendo could possibly bring SNES games (at least) to the Nintendo 3DS finally. Both the new 3DS and 3DS XL have their buttons either completely colored or printed with the colors of the SNES controller. Nintendo even used a reference picture of the SNES controller in the Nintendo Direct. This of course just could be Nintendo playing to nostalgia of course, which might be more likely,¬†but let’s think big for a minute.


Nintendo also used a GameCube controller too, but as we’ve seen, while it is possible for even Wii games to come to the 3DS, they have to be redeveloped a la Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and the newly announced Xenobade Chronicles.

While we’re in speculation mode, let’s go one step further. If the above were to become true, and Super NES and Game Boy Advance games did make it to 3DS, there’s now essentially no reason why we couldn’t finally see cross-buy come to the Nintendo eShop. Both systems are linked via Nintendo Network IDs and we share wallets, why not now take it knew step further with the new found parity with the Wii U eShop?



Hell, Nintendo said new hardware going forward would have a better account system, and the 3DS has been the system holding them back from doing it.

Now could be the time- now has to be the time. Though it’s going to come at a price if it does.

But it’ll be worth it.


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