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Nintendos bringing demos back to WiiWare along with some new games this week

While Nintendo is offering a bunch of new demos this week, its still quite funny that were not even getting all of them either. This is of course due to our whole Classification thing. But alas, there is still something new this week.


ThruSpace (Nintendo, 800 Points, Demo Available) – A puzzler, on WiiWare? Why I never! Seriously though, while there is an abundance of puzzlers on WiiWare this is one of the better ones. Take one part Tetris, add in some 3D and a birds eye perspective and you have ThruSpace. This one is simply a single player affair but there is a ton of content in it to keep you happy.

WiiWare Demos
Jett Rocket (Shinen Multimedia) – A graphically brilliant WiiWare game, it truly is amazing that they fitted this into 40 meg. Other then the graphics there is actually a competent platformer behind it. Worth checking out with a demo, you might even buy it.

Furry Legends (Gamelion) – Yes it has a silly name, no its not the best game ever but it is a lot of fun. Plus just think of the weird looks you will get when you play it.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland – We miss out on this one because we never got the original game.


Bookworm (PopCap, 500 Points) – The classic PopCap game comes to the DS. Its been out in America for like forever, but dont let that get you down. You didnt even know that 3.4 seconds ago, so chip up.

Rytmik: Rock Edition (Cinemax, 800 Points) – A portable music studio on your Nintendo DS. So you might not be able to be the next (insert popular band here) with it, but you can still rock out.


Any one up for getting any of the demos?

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