Here’s what the Nintendo Switch Lite has and doesn’t have


The Nintendo Switch Lite was announced overnight and there’s a lot of things it has, and there’s also a lot of things it doesn’t. Some of these things might mean something to you, some might not. But whatever the case…

The Nintendo Switch Lite….

Has no way to connect to a TV

The Switch Lite doesn’t come with a dock or HDMI output, and it doesn’t even work in an original Nintendo Switch Dock either. So you won’t be playing the Switch Lite anywhere but on the small screen.

Has a +Control Pad instead of directional buttons

Because there are no Joy-Con to remove from this unit, there’s no need to have four directional buttons. That means the D-Pad is back.

Has no kickstand

Nintendo calls playing the Switch with the Joy-Con detached and resting on the table with the kickstand out ‘table-top’ play. None of that here, this is a handheld.

Has a longer laster battery life than the original Switch

Depending on the game being played, the Switch Lite could last at least 30 minutes longer than the original model. Anywhere between 3-7 hours (the original was 2.5 to 6.5 hours). Breath of the Wild, for example, will now last 4 hours instead of 3 hours.

Has no Brightness sensor

There’s no ambient light sensor in the Switch Lite according to The Verge. This just means you’ll have to change it yourself like a simpleton. A brightness sensor would have really broken up that nice new bezel.

Has a tweaked processor – but don’t get too excited

According to CNET, the Switch Lite has a more efficient processor. It’s 100% the same chip as before but they’ve likely tweaked it for the new form factor and for the smaller vents.


Has no Bluetooth audio like the original

If you want to listen to your games via the magic of Bluetooth you’ll have to hang onto that adapter. Or worse still, plug in a 3.5mm headset. Sadly the port for that is still on the top.

Has a fancy new case

Well it’s not that fancy, but it does come with a screen protector and we needed another positive to balance out the article.

Has no Detachable Controllers

To be even more portable the Switch Lite is all-in-one. However, you can use all existing Switch controllers with it so your Joy-Con you’ve bought already haven’t gone to waste.

Has a smaller screen (obviously), but the same resolution

Because the Switch Lite is smaller overall, naturally the screen is smaller too. The bezels also match the colour of the system nicely as well. The screens resolution, however, remains at 720p, which is actually good! Because it’s smaller you might not notice those jaggies in Xenoblade 2 as much.

Has no HD Rumble, no IR Camera and there for no Labo Support

Whatever the reason, Nintendo has removed the HD Rumble and the IR Camera from the Switch Lite. This means you won’t be able to detect ice cubes in your controllers nor use Nintendo Labo.


Has three colours – Yellow, Grey and Turquoise

They’re quite nice, there’s also a light grey one with a Pok√©mon theme for Pok√©mon Sword and Shield. Expect many more.

Has no support for 1-2 Switch, Just Dance and more out of the box

Because it’s an all-in-one you won’t be able to play a bunch of games on the Switch Lite including 1-2 Switch and Just Dance. Fear not, pick up a Joy-Con and you can dance the night away.

The Switch Lite still has a gyro inside of it.

Has a release date and price

The Nintendo Switch Lite will arrive around the world on September 20th. In Australia, it’ll set you back $329.95, a full $140 less than the original price the Switch launched at. Here’s what you’ll need to look for on store shelves.

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