Downloadable Nintendo DS games coming to 3DS as My Nintendo Rewards

Both Miitomo and My Nintendo have launched in Japan today, we’ve been sneaking in with our Japanese NNID and checking it out and found some great news. (We’ll have more on Miitomo later tonight).

Nintendo DS games are coming to the 3DS! On the Japanese My Nintendo site there is currently a reward for WarioWare Touched! We at first through this might be an error or misprint but in the small ‘terms and conditions’ text it explains how it’s going to work.


The games will work exactly like DSiWare games, this means they’re not Virtual Console titles as they’re running on ‘hardware’ and are not emulated. No save and restore points or manual like a Virtual Console release either.

This also means that it will use up the local memory on your machine, just like DSiWare games currently do. Wario Ware Touched will take up 214 blocks.

Source: My Nintendo

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  • Luke
    March 17, 2016 at 12:07 pm


  • Burak
    March 17, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Screw that. For the longest time, I was anticipating an update that would allow DSi games to run from the SD card instead of the system memory. There were quite a few DSi games that I’ve wanted to download, but haven’t and probably never will, due to this stupid limitation (as I don’t want to constantly move DSi games back and forth from the SD card).

    I’m happy to download DS games run natively rather than as VC titles (hell, I don’t much care for VC functionality except for NES/SNES/GB games), but not when it is being handled like this. Even the “naughty” flash cards can run them directly from the SD card without any issues. Unless encryption is an issue, what else could possibly be hindering Nintendo from doing this?

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