All the highlights from Nintendo’s Corporate Management Policy briefing


Did you know that Nintendo held a Corporate Management Policy briefing today? Normally they’d be held in person at the same time as the company’s financial results briefings, but the state of the world right now means it’s gone the way of the Zoom call. Thankfully, Nintendo has provided us all with a nice big document, detailing the whole briefing.

We’ve had a read through, and here are all the highlights (according to us).

Nintendo Accounts and NSO

Nintendo Accounts first became available in 2015 as somewhat a successor to the aging NNID, and the amount of registered accounts slowly rose after the launch of the Switch in 2017. Between the console’s launch and up until September 2019, the amount of accounts had risen to about 100 million. And then Mario Kart Tour released, and hoo boy, did that number explode. There are now over 200 million Nintendo Accounts, across 164 countries and regions.

Nintendo Switch Online also has a pretty decent amount of users, sitting at 26 million paid members. That’s up from about 10 million early last year, and has been massively boosted by Nintendo’s two big hitters: Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokemon Sword and Shield. For those keeping track, that’s an attach rate of just over 42%, meaning 42% of Switch owners also have a paid subscription to NSO. Not bad at all! Nintendo says they want to continue adding value to the service, but they say that every quarter so take it with a grain of salt.

Oh god, not Crocs

Nintendo has been announcing and releasing a tonne of merchandise the past couple years, ranging from Build-A-Bears to Uniqlo t-shirts to Puma sneakers and, yes, Crocs. And Croc charms? Who knew that was a thing?

Basically, Nintendo is all about that merch life, and they plan to expand that in the future. They say they’re working with a range of companies to create unique products that “fit the individuality of each property.” So there you have it, Mario officially wears Crocs. It’s canon now.

Nintendo Switch 2 – Coming sometime in the next 80 years

Looking to the future now, and yes, Nintendo is already thinking about a Switch successor. They say we’re about halfway into the console’s lifetime, and at some point between now and 2099, we’ll see some sort of new gaming system from Big N.

Nintendo says that, at the top of their mind moving forwards, is “maintain[ing] consumer trust across generations” using Nintendo Accounts, which sounds an awful lot like making sure content carries over to whatever is next. They also plan to expand Nintendo IP and continue offering unique entertainment platforms and all that jazz.


And all the rest

There’s a lot of very boring details in the presentation, things that only really investors care about… but there are a few interesting tidbits. For example, Nintendo is apparently looking into further visual content beyond the Mario animated movie by Illumination. They say that visual content expansion may not be limited to movies either, opening up a world of possibilities. A Netflix series maybe? It’s anyone’s guess.

If you want more of these little details, you’ll have to take a look for yourself. You can do that by checking out the PDF here.

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