Team Rocket has infiltrated Pokémon GO

Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace. Dashing hope and putting fear in its place. Team Rocket has infiltrated Pokémon GO. Well, kind of.

Those logging into Pok√©mon GO may see a couple shady Pok√©Stops around their neighbourhood. These Pok√©Stops appear a slightly darker blue, and the cube on top is slightly askew, turning to a spooky black when in range. Spin one of these Pok√©Stops and you’re in for a surprise ‚ÄĒ Team GO Rocket attacks!

Niantic rolled out its first major Trainer Battle event today, and brought with it a few interesting new mechanics. As mentioned above, spinning a slightly odd Pok√©Stop will initiate a battle with a member of Team GO Rocket ‚ÄĒ an offshoot of Team Rocket that’s taken to terrorising the world of Pok√©mon GO.

After a tough battle, the GO Rocket Grunt will leave behind a Shadow Pok√©mon, a Pok√©mon that’s been infested with dark energy and knows the special Charge Move Frustration. You’ll get a chance to catch the Shadow Pok√©mon using a mechanic similar to the end of Raid Battles. Once caught, you can purify these Pok√©mon using some Candy and a bit of Stardust, turning Frustration into Return ‚ÄĒ a Normal-type move that shows your Pok√©mon’s love for you ‚ÄĒ and boosting the Pok√©mon’s power.

It’s an interesting little event, and it’s even more interesting to see Niantic pull ideas from spinoff games. The concept of purifying Shadow Pok√©mon first appeared in Pok√©mon Colosseum and its sequel Pok√©mon XD: Gale of Darkness, though the process was a little more involved in those games.

It’s currently unknown how long this event will run for, or if it’s a permanent feature. Only time will tell, but it’s probably best to get in quick while you can.

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