Servonauts serving up couch co-op action on Switch later this year


Local Aussie developers MAXART have announced their first game, Servonauts – and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Servonauts is a “absurd couch co-op party game” for up to four players. The aim of the game is to keep the Astroil space oil CEO happy by feeding customers their fuel through wobbly pipes. It’s a crazy space gas station up there. If you’re thinking it sounds a similar to Overcooked, you’d be right.

You will be able to play the game solo as well, but 4 player co-op seems to be the best way to enjoy it. The game is due out in the first half of 2024 and will also release on Steam.

  • Work Hard, Play Harder – Work with your team as efficiently as possible, unless they‚Äôre in your way! Your communication, patience, and relationships will be tested as you aim for the Gold Stars! Will you help your teammates by connecting pipes and mixing the right fuels? Or will you hinder them by stealing their pipes, dropping them in lava, or dragging your friends off platforms?!
  • Returning Customers – Each level has unique challenges designed to test your skill, teamwork, and coordination. To collect all three Gold Stars, you and your friends will need to step up your game. Masterful teams can push harder and harder to raise their high scores and earn their bragging rights. Will this mean the Servonauts finally get a vacation? (Don‚Äôt be ridiculous‚Ķ)
  • Chaotic & Colourful Madness – To pump these cars, you‚Äôll need Astroil‚Äôs patent-pending floppy fuel pipe technology! They can bend and stretch to get fuel where you need it. They‚Äôre even partially lava-resistant! Be careful though, pumping the wrong fuel can trigger explosive consequences.

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