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Earlier today, I picked up the latest Pok√©mon Go slash Pok√©mon Sleep accessory, the Pokemon Go Plus+. Like the Pok√©mon Go Plus, the Pokeball Go Plus or the litany of other “Gotcha” devices out there for Pok√©mon Go, aside from making you look like a dork extremely cool in public, it’s to automatically play Pok√©mon Go without any of that interacting with the game nonsense. 

This one is the first official device to support auto-catching and auto-spinning of Pok√©stops. Previously only official devices would sync up to the game, and the device would buzz, and you’d have to click to catch a Pok√©mon or spin a stop. Eventually, third-party makers did away with that, so you could just hoover up Pok√©mon as you go along. 

So for the $79.95AUD RRP, what can the Pok√©mon Go Plus+ do you for you that anything before it couldn’t? A little bit more, but some essential changes for hardware Pok√©mon Go players. 

The settings page in Pok√©mon Go has been completely overhauled, and you can now tune precisely how you want the Pok√©mon Go Plus+ to work. You can now use Pok√©ball, Great Balls and Ultra Balls to catch Pok√©mon manually and automatically and to spin stops manually and automatically (or a combination of each). 

What’s all new is sleep tracking. This works with Pok√©mon Go to get bonuses in-game and will work with the forthcoming Pok√©mon Sleep game (whenever that drops). To put the device to sleep, you can hold the middle button, and Pikachu will give you a goodnight lullaby (which is adorable). When you awake, do the same again and then at a time you will have chosen while setting up, you’ll get some bonuses in Pok√©mon Go. Pikachu talks through the device’s built-in speaker, so if you want to be more incognito, you can turn the whole thing to silent – this won’t silence the vibrating motor, which is quite loud. Left on a table, the device spins, and shuffles along. It’s so powerful. An option for that to be turned off would also be welcomed. 

Included in the box is a lanyard and a USB-C cable. Yes, the entire thing can charge quickly over USB-C‚ÄĒno more button batteries to get in the way. The lanyard is quite nice too with a little magnetic clip to help attach the device to you, but it’s now powerful enough to wear it like a nurse does on their uniform for example. The packaging is also almost entirely plastic-free, which is nice to see. 

The Pok√©mon Go Plus+ isn’t cheap, but it’s a heck of lot more well made than the previous Pok√©mon Plus devices (and a lot of third party ones are almost as expensive). You’d want to be playing Pokemon Go pretty heavily to get the most out of it; otherwise, it will just spend time under on your bed at night tracking your sleep. 

The Pokémon Go Plus+ is now available from Amazon, The Gamesmen, Big W and the My Nintendo Store. EB Games and JB Hi-Fi did have them, but their listings are removed.

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