Nintendo Download Updates (31/10) Chicks with Hair Whips


It’s a huge week on the eShop for both Wii U and 3DS owners with some old, something and something… well not blue but I couldn’t think up a better rhyme at this hour.

Wii U fans you’ve got double the dose of Bayonetta hitting the store with not only the brand new game but also the original. Buy them both and save some dosh, it’s actually not that bad of a deal considering how little stores are discounting.

Virtual Console fans are treated to another Donkey Kong Country game as the DK weeks sale and promo continues. Attention dancers, your fix of Just Dance for the year is here too with Just Dance 2015.

Owners of the 3DS you have some fun too with the next installment in the Donkey Kong Land series, I enjoyed Donkey Kong Land 2 myself quite a lot as a kid, I’ll be buying it again for sure.

Flying way under the radar is Disney-Crossing, officially know as Disney Magical World this Animal Crossing-like game hasn’t been talked about much but it could prove interesting. Last but not least and completely ignoring the rest of the games I didn’t talk about there are a couple of new 3DS themes up for download too. They look alright.

So then, what for you this week?


Wii U Retail Downloads

ndu_wiiuvcbadge¬† Bayonetta 2 ‚Äď $69.95
ndu_wiiuvcbadge¬† Bayonetta ‚Äď $49.95


If both games are purchase a special discount will be applied to the second game bringing the total cost to $79.95. Example, if you buy Bayonetta 2 for $69.95 then the original Bayonetta will only set you back $10 more. If you bought Bayonetta 1 for $49.95 then Bayonetta 2 will be reduced to $30.

ndu_wiiuvcbadge Just Dance 2015 – $49.95

Wii U Virtual Console

ndu_wiiuvcbadge Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (SNES) $10.40

Note: This is the European version of the game, which was optimised originally by the developer to offer gameplay and music speed similar to the US version. Demos and animations may run at PAL speed. The aspect ratio has been corrected for this release.

ndu_wiiuvcbadge Namco Museum (GBA) $9.10



3DS eShop Downloads

ndu_3dsbadge Disney Magical World (Nintendo) $49.95
 Power Rangers Super Megaforce (Bandai Namco) $TBC

3DS eShop Add-on Content

ndu_3dsbadge Disney Magical World: Seasonal Set ‚Äď Halloween – $TBC
ndu_3dsbadge Disney Magical World: Witches Pumpkin Lantern – $TBC
ndu_3dsbadge Disney Magical World: Casual Skull T-Shirt – $TBC
ndu_3dsbadge Disney Magical World: Shiny Mickey Headband – $TBC
ndu_3dsbadge Disney Magical World: Shiny Minnie Headband – $TBC

3DS Virtual Console

ndu_3dsvc Donkey Kong Land 2 (Gameboy, Nintendo $5.20)
Legend of the River King (Gameboy Color, Nintendo $6.50)

3DS Themes

ndu_3dsbadge NES Halloween Link – $TBC
ndu_3dsbadge Animal Crossing: New Leaf Jack, the Czar of Halloween – $TBC

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