Neon-fuelled rave bouncer game Techno Banter announced for Switch


Poland-based Crunching Koalas and German developer Dexai Arts have announced a brand-new game for Switch (and every other platform) that’ll let you take the role of a rough-and-tumble bouncer in a dystopian, neon-drenched city. It’s called Techno Banter, and it looks amazing ‚ÄĒ take a look for yourself in the trailer below.

Techno Banter has you deciding who is and isn’t allowed in an underground rave club, which Crunching Koalas tells us is influenced by the Berlin techno-scene and features tracks composed by actual Berlin-based DJs. If you decide to kick someone out, they’ll apparently get lippy with you, and that’s when you bring your techno banter to the table.

You’ll have to choose the wittiest, most devastating insults and clapbacks, as Crunching Koalas says, to chase them away once and for good. It all sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s got some stunning and entirely unique visuals to it, too.

This is the first game from German developer Dexai Arts, who say they’ve been ingrained in the “techno tapestry” of Berlin for quite some time. There’s probably a decent amount of truth behind these tales because of it, which should lend some real authenticity to the experince.

Techno Banter is set to be released on Switch and just about everything else sometime this year, though the exact release date is not yet known. Maybe you’ll have to throw some techno banter at Dexai Arts to find out.

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