Miyamoto says Star Fox Zero is the most underrated Wii U game


The reaction to Star Fox Zero wasn’t all that positive within the Nintendo fan base, we liked it, but pretty much everyone else hated its guts.

Miyamoto though, he’s a fan of it Рseeing as its latest baby, you kind of have to like it even thought it might be a little ugly. Thanks to a new interview in GameInformer, many other people could have if they went in as a blank slate.

I think personally Star Fox is a really fun game if you sit down and play it. I think, for example, an elementary school kid who plays it without any preconceived notions, I think it would be really fun for them. I think it’s also really, really fun for siblings to play it together.

A bit presumptuous maybe, but it might be right. Bill Trinen was in the interview as well! He weighed in, but instead of touching Star Fox Zero commented on Pikmin 3. Trinen believes that Pikmin 3, is the systems most underrated game.

Personally, I think Pikmin 3 is the most amazing game on Wii U. It’s probably one of my favorite games in the last six or seven years. I think that hardly anyone realizes that the multiplayer bingo battle mode was literally the best new multiplayer mode that has been created since Smash Bros. It is so much fun.

We’re not going touch Miyamoto’s comments with a ten foot pole, but you might want to in the comments.

Source: Gameinformer

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  • Blake
    July 5, 2016 at 7:22 am

    Star Fox Zero made me so sad. I really wanted to like it. I really did.
    But those controls.. Those controls… And those boss cameras forcing you to look at the gamepad. And that super slow stealth mission…
    I just couldn’t keep going after the first 4 or so hours because I wasn’t enjoying any of it :'(

  • Richard
    July 5, 2016 at 11:20 am

    “an elementary school kid who plays it without any preconceived notions, I think it would be really fun for them. I think it‚Äôs also really, really fun for siblings to play it together.”

    I think most people went in expecting a Star Fox game and it basically delivered on that with no major deviations to the formula EXCEPT for the fact that the majority of reviewers seemed to hate the forced GamePad use. I don’t think people’s preconceptions are the issue…it’s not like the game did anything overly different to the predecessors apart from implement an unintuitive control scheme. Drop the GamePad requirement and the very small number of enemies that required its use to defeat (including many of the bosses), and I’m sure the game would be better received. That said, even without the janky controls the game would likely only be average, but at least more people would feel they could actually play it.

    As for siblings wanting to play together…perhaps that’d be true if it had a proper split screen mode instead of the limited two player experience where you share a single ship. It’s a game that could do great things if developed for multiplayer.

  • Adam from Canberra
    July 5, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Such a disappointment: I hyped this up to my kids so much being an original player of the earlier iterations on the SNES and N64. It’s got the least amount of game time of any WiiU game we own.

    We flog the multiplayer 3DS game: that’s a great little time-waster.

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