Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games feature full manual, tweaked colours and more


The Game Boy Advance Virtual Console which are due for release later tonight / tomorrow morning Australian time have some great ‘Virtual Console’ features in them to justify the nine dollars they cost.

European media have got their hands on the games early and run through the features and tweaks made to these games.

The first issue, gamma reduction. Anyone with the Ambassador Games will know how washed out and gross the games look on the 3DS screen. However, on the Wii U Virtual Console Nintendo has re-altered the game from their original washed out graphics to look crisp and colourful on the both the TV and GamePad.

Due to the Game Boy Advance originally having no backlight Nintendo tweaked the colours in early GBA games to appear ‘brighter’ on such a dark screen. This has now been fixed! Hooray!

There’s a couple of options too for displaying the game, you can display the game in all its jagged 240×160 blown-up-to-1080p-glory or you can employ screen smoothing if that’s your thing. You can also choose to play the game in two upscaled ways. One is just the game blown up, the other changing the pixels to be bigger – you’ll want to check out which way suits you and your TV better.

Last buy certainly not least, every Game Boy Advance Virtual Console title comes with a complete scan of the original manual – in full colour. You can even use the manual on the GamePad while playing the game on the TV at the same time.

We’ll have our full Nintendo Download Update as well as a review for Advance Wars up later tonight.

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  • mikeeeey
    April 3, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    I’m rather excited to see how they look on the big screen.

    Growing up I played my Pokemon Gameboy games on my N64 via Pokemon Stadium and I also played GBA games on my GameCube via the Gameboy Player, not to mention VBA on my computer. I’ve never really had any issue with the blown up pixelated graphics, but nowadays our TV’s are bigger than ever so it will be interesting to see how a game designed for a tiny few-inch screen translates to 50+ inch screens.

  • indevelopment
    April 3, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Yeah i’m interested in how the conversion is.. will the wii U drop to 720 so each pixel is now 4x or stay at 1080 and display them at 6x.. or does something else happen

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