Persona 5 Tactica Replay feature, New Game+ detailed


The year isn’t done throwing games at us and coming in November are two big RPGs. We’ve got Super Mario RPG and Persona 5 Tactica – still very different games. Today, we’ve got fresh info about the latter.

We’ve got information on the game’s fun question, the new Replay feature, information on New Game+ and some fresh screenshots.

Persona 5 Tactica is out on November 17th, and we’ll have a bargain guide shortly.

Get Ready for Fun Quests

As you progress through the main story, you will unlock quests that involve stages with unique mechanics and challenges! Each quest has its own unique story for you to enjoy! In addition, clearing quests will give you GP to use in a character’s skill tree! You can wipe out all enemies in a single turn, hit a box with melee attacks to move it to the goal, or fight in a stage filled with explosives! A wide variety of unique stages awaits you!

Spoils of Victory

Clearing quests will not only give you GP, but it will also unlock some of the most powerful skills in the skill tree! It can also give you rewards like unlocking the ability to create powerful Personas, so be sure complete quests when you are up for a fun challenge!

Reap the Rewards of Replay while Aiming for Awards

The Replay feature lets you play previously cleared stages again at any time! You can earn the same stage rewards again, such as EXP, money, and Personas! This is perfect for strengthening your characters!


In addition, each stage has three bonus challenges you can complete for an award. Try accomplishing objectives such as ‚ÄúClear the stage in X turns‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúClear the stage with no members being KO‚Äôd‚ÄĚ to put your battle smarts to the test and earn awards!

Earning awards will increase the amount of money and EXP you receive, so aim to achieve all three stars for every stage! Try raising the difficulty and aim to earn awards for a fun challenge!

Keep the Fun Going with New Game+

After clearing the game, you can start again with New Game+, which carries over data like your Persona Compendium, unlocked fusions, money, weapons, and more! Use New Game+ to complete the Persona Compendium or replay on a higher difficulty!

Resplendent Rewards for Replaying


Once you clear the game and start a New Game+, you will unlock Special Art as a bonus in the Report menu! Uncover a treasure trove of illustrations, concept art, character designs, and more! Your work isn’t finished until you’ve seen these astounding works!

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