Nintendo files FCC listing for new mystery controller (UPDATED)

Update 22/09: In a curious twist in this story, the FCC now lists the end of the confidentiality period for this listing as 24/09/2021… that’s this Friday. We can’t say for sure that this guarantees an imminent announcement, but either way, by the end of this week it seems like we may end up with more information.

Nintendo has submitted a new filing to the US Federal Communications Commission ‚ÄĒ the FCC – which isn’t too uncommon; they do it all the time. However, this one is a little bit interesting because of the model number – HAC-043.

The Nintendo Switch itself and every model and accessory made by Nintendo has a HAC-number, which is the newest. What’s interesting is that HAC-043 is a controller, and while there are no photos of it yet, that number is unique because it is one after the Wireless SNES controllers Nintendo released a while back (The HAC-042). The SNES controller was also revealed this way.

The FFC filing says that after 180 days from September 16 that external and internal photos, test setup photos, and the manual can be shown on the listing. So Nintendo will have a new controller of some description between now and the end of March.

A New Joy-Con, perhaps another retro controller for a yet to be revealed addition to Nintendo Switch Online? Who knows! But we’ll find out in March either way.

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