Nintendo Download Updates (Week 9) Dream Forces


Holy moly, what a way to close out the month. There’s a lot out this week, and there’s a lot that’s actually good and worth a look at. Did everyone decide to release everything this week at a secret meet up or something?

First up BIT.TRIP Presents‚Ķ Runner2 finally makes its way to the Switch, it was over a decade ago we got this on the Wii U. The Nintendo 64 inspired Cavern of Dreams is another great looking 64-bit throwback. Cricket Through the Ages is a weird one, but one to look out for. Heavenly Bodies and We Need to Go Deeper both warrant at least a look at. PICROSS S+ brings all the Nintendo 3DS Picross action to the Switch finally. Ufouria 2: The Saga is adorable and we’ll have a review on that one soon. Last but not least is STAR WARS: Dark Forces Remaster which looks like another fine remaster by Nightdive. Hectic week.

This week’s highlights: BIT.TRIP Presents‚Ķ Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, Cavern of Dreams (review soon), Cricket Through the Ages (review soon), Heavenly Bodies, PICROSS S+, STAR WARS: Dark Forces Remaster, Ufouria 2: The Saga (review soon), We Need to Go Deeper

100 Doors – Escape from Prison$12.99
A Void Hope$24.00
Anime Girls: Sun of a Beach$12.00
Another Bar Game$7.08$8.85
Arcade Archives WAR OF AERO$10.50
Beauties Unveiled 2$3.00$30.00
BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien$14.50
Buggy Race – Racing Master$18.99
Cape’s Escape Game 7th Room$6.75$13.80
Cavern of Dreams$17.05$18.95
Crazy Goose Simulator$19.99
Cricket Through the Ages$12.00
Dead End City$18.00$22.50
Desktop BaseBall 2$7.04$10.06
DIY Fashion Star$12.00
Escape Game The Old Folk House$6.75$13.50
Expeditions: A MudRunner Game – Supreme Edition$137.00
Expeditions: A MudRunner Game – Year 1 Edition$114.95
Farmer Simulator Evolution$4.49$29.99
Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds$18.40$23.00
Full of Crap$14.85
Full Speed Animals – The RTA$8.79
Gravityscape DX$4.50
Heavenly Bodies$29.99
Helicopter Simulator : RESCUE SIM$2.99$19.99
Hentai Girls: Sweet Doctor$3.29$9.89
Hike Adventures$12.00
Jigsaw Masterpieces 2$3.00
Looking Up I See Only A Ceiling$3.60$4.50
Lost & Found Agency Collector’s Edition$22.50
Matsukeke BURST!$6.45
Mommy’s Warm Hot Spring ÔĹě„ĀĹ„Āč„ĀĹ„Āč„Éě„ÉěśĀčśł©ś≥ČÔĹě$26.90
Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi Tsuzuri$76.58
One More Dungeon 2$22.50
Pecaminosa – A Deadly Hand$12.00$15.00
Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons$15.00
Pocket Fishing$7.80$19.50
Pool Together 2$7.50
Sandstorm Strike Force$4.50$15.00
Sculpt People$7.50
Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island$90.00
So Much Stuff 2 Collector’s Edition$15.00
Spear Master$14.50
Spot The Difference Fantasy Edition$13.50
STAR WARS: Dark Forces Remaster$44.95
Take It Racing 2$6.00$7.50
Tamarak Trail$22.49
The Little Mermaid: Princess of the Underwater Kingdoms$7.35
The Lost Ashford Ring$22.50
Time Trap: Hidden Objects$22.50
Ufouria 2: The Saga$37.50
Virus Rush$12.00
We Need to Go Deeper$20.10$30.00
World War II Shooting Simulator$3.00$12.00

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