Miyamoto shares Zelda Wii U dev update, talks future F-Zero and confirms Star Fox at E3

Late last year Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen went on tour of a number of different and popular YouTube channels, a terrific move that would have hit the eyes of many subscribers. We also learned a ton of new things from these tours.

One YouTube channel, Smosh which held its video until the new year has just released it now and again Mr Miyamoto¬†and Bill Trinen have some updates on what’s coming in 2015 and what’s not. Oh and they play Mario Kart with these guys or something – that happened.

First up Mr Miyamoto¬†was asked about F-Zero and when may we see a return to the series?¬†Miyamoto stated that he didn’t believe a new game would be made until the right controller interface was made available. Uh..¬†So what about Star Fox then? Well that’ll be at this years E3 Expo in June for sure and completely playable. Miyamoto believes the¬†game benefits greatly from having two screens.

Miyamoto also went on to tease that there would be even more games for the Wii U in 2015 – well that’s a plus!

The Legend of Zelda for the Wii U is also out this year and the dev team is at the stage of the game where every idea the team has can be added right in. Miyamoto says this is ‘the fun stage of development’.

The full video is below and well worth a watch, there’s tons of snippets of information in there that aren’t story worthy but neat none the same.

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