LEGO Animal Crossing Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities and Isabelle’s House Visit Sets review


When they announced that LEGO Animal Crossing would be a thing, I was a little concerned‚ÄĒnot just because it’s another thing I have to buy but because it was similar in style to the Super Mario Bros. LEGO, which is more about playing with it than a display piece. However, over time, I can see how this more modular setup better evokes the vibe of Animal Crossing. The grid system that the series is known for and its construction have been passed on to the real world. 

Of the five currently available sets, we were lucky to be sent the Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities and Isabelle’s House Visit set. Both give a good sample of what to expect from the other two sets. The joy of Animal Crossing is making your town or island your own and interacting with the people in it. And you can do that here with these sets.¬†

The modular layout of the sets means you can lay out things however you want; you only have to follow the instructions to build the buildings. 

I recommend getting some base plates to put the build on; however, the modular system is very fragile, so many tiny tools and items from the game are included, and they just go all over the place. Choosing which window designs for Isabelle’s house also brings more of an Animal Crossing feeling to the LEGO. 

There are many little hidden easter eggs as well; the balloon that “floats” above Isabelle’s house has a present inside it hidden by a little swing top. There are items hidden in the trees, just like in the games. Everything is also detailed to a high quality; there are no stickers here – everything is printed on, even on the tiny Nook Phone. Even though Isabelle’s house is technically only half her house, it does mean the back is open to play – it’s a doll house in LEGO form.

The builds are pretty straightforward, which is what you’d expect for a set targeting the age range it targets. The set targets people aged 6+; anyone younger will struggle with the modular system’s fragility. Also, if you have big boofhead man hands like mine, you’re going to curse it. 

If you’re an Animal Crossing super fan, you’ve probably already picked up the entire set of these, but if you’re on the fence about it all, it seems like no matter what set you pick, they’re all pretty great – just choose the one with your favourite characters. 

While the brick-to-cost ratio of these sets might not seem as generous, there’s a lot of fun to be had and a lot of play. Perhaps adding another character to each set would help; there are only 400 other Animal Crossing villagers to choose from. 


I can’t wait to see what’s next for Animal Crossing LEGO. We’ve already seen some sets coming this August, which will help pull a whole village together.¬†

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