Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age (GBA) Review


Chapter two has finally arrived. After over a year of waiting, the next edition of Camelot’s impressive RPG, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, has finally been released. Its predecessor, Golden Sun, was widely hailed as one of the best Game Boy Advance games yet released. That is a big reputation to live up to, but The Lost Age pulls it off without a hitch, even improving on the already great gameplay.

After the Battle at Venus Lighthouse, Isaac and team defeated Menardi and Saturos. Unfortunately, they could not prevent the lighthouse from being lit and caused the Idejima Penisula to ff from the rest of the continent of Gondowan, Taking Jenna, Kraden and Alex to a new Continient, were there meet up with Felix and Sheba who they presumed were dead. Faced with a new region to explore, he continues his journey to light the remaining Elemental Lighthouses.

This is some of the best the Game Boy Advance has to offer. Even by higher standards, the gameplay is excellent. Like its predecessor, Golden Sun, The Lost Age offers the standard RPG experience for the most part. Players traverse the immense over world, often stopping in towns to rest up, upgrade their weapons and armor, and stock up on healing herbs. They also most journey through many challenging dungeons, obtaining better equipment and useful items for use later on. However, despite the fact that The Lost Age provides simply standard RPG gaming, it has many other cool features that set it apart from other handheld adventures.

Same as the original game, the system, the chararcter and the town all look the same, but different that even thought i maintain the look from the first game there are noticabele diffrences, there is many new back grounds to choose from also the monsters are animated better and look less grainy which was a major problem in the first. The many spells from Golden Sun have returned along with many new spells that are sure to make any gamer’s eyes glaze over in amazement. The added variety in graphics is thanks to a 128MB cart, where as Golden Sun only used a 64MB cart. This is what Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire should have looked like.

The Same thing applies to the graphics here. They may be the same as before but were a bloody ripper to start with, as you’d execpt the music composotions sound absolute perfect and even better through stereo headphones. Some tunes reutrn from Golden Sun, but its the new music or remixed music that make it sound new. However there is one gripe, the sound effect all though good as they are, there exactly the same with no and i mean no difference.

Closing Comments
Camelot are making themselve known in the RPG areana with games to rival Final Fantasy. There is also lots of new addition to this game to make it different from the First Game. Bring on Golden Sun III

Graphics 9.0

Gameplay 9.9

Sound 9.0

Tilt 9.0

Value 9.9

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