EB Game’s trade in deal for a Switch OLED is pretty tempting

If you‚Äôve been on the fence about the Switch OLED model, and maybe your launch console is getting a bit drifty, or you want to hand it down to your younger brother ‚Äď now might be the time to upgrade. 

EB Game‚Äôs is offering a fairly decent deal for Nintendo Switch OLED console trade in‚Äôs right now. You can pick up a brand new Nintendo Switch OLED (in either white or neon ) for just $199 when you trade in your console. 

While the retail of the OLED is $539, it‚Äôs usually cheaper and on sale often. So even at EB Game‚Äôs current discounted OLED Price of $479, EB Games are giving your the equivalent of $280 for your Switch console. Your EB World level membership does not adjust the trade-in value. 

Yes, you could get more for your original console on Gumtree or Facebook, but this is a suitable option if you don’t have the time or don’t care. Just make sure you leave some time when you go to the store for the transfer process. It could take a while.

We loved the OLED in our review, and while it‚Äôs not any more powerful. With a bigger and more vibrant screen, more internal space, and better speakers – it all goes a long way. At least if you don‚Äôt play on the TV all the time.

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