Dragon Quest Builders 2 announced for Switch


In case you couldn’t get enough of the Dragon Quest goodness in your life, Square Enix has got your back. Announced earlier today was Dragon Quest Builders 2, the sequel to the 2016 sandbox adventure game featuring creatures and characters from the Dragon Quest series. The first game had a blocky art style, similar to Minecraft but not as low-res, and it looks like the sequel is keeping with that aesthetic.

Not much else is known about Dragon Quest Builders 2 yet; we don’t have a release date for Japan, or any idea if it’s coming to the West, but if the previous game is any indicator, it’s a safe bet that it will. What we do know is that it’ll feature underwater gameplay (that actually looks quite fun), some neat Mario-style cape gliding, and best of all, 4 player multiplayer. It sounds like it’s a match made in heaven for the Switch.

You can watch the short gameplay clip below:

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  • August 6, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    As someone who has sunk in dozens of hours to the first game, this makes me happy, even more so that its coming to Switch. Love the idea of underwater exploration and gliding, but even with this brief game play trailer, I noticed a few key improvements.

    First up a pick axe, which turned a block of dirt into a sloped surface, no more pointless jumping. Second up, the other members of the group appear to actually help outside of combat, collecting items as you do, very helpful. And finally, water actually acting like water, while that might be a pain when playing, it will help make the game more enjoyable in the long run.

    Might need to rewatch it and see what else has changed.
    Ok, having watched it again, the ability to sprint around the world is new, as is the split between weapon and tool, something that is very welcome. There was nothing worse in the first game than mining for something, only to be attacked and end up not dealing damage as you had your hammer out instead of a sword

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