Nintendo’s great Switch Online Voucher deal gives you $27.00 off in Gold Points


Nintendo is running a bit of a banger deal on Nintendo Switch Online vouchers right now. As we know the Nintendo Switch Online vouchers currently give you two games included in the program for $134.95AUD. That usually makes a new release game, which is $79.95, come down to $67.47 – almost cheaper than physical stores.

Now they’re giving away $27.00 AUD / $29.72 NZD away when you buy a pair of vouchers for the $134.95. Depending on how you use that voucher, or how you value that $27.00 (which will be applied to your account later) there’s a lot of saving to be had.

If you just buy two $79.95 games you’ll get that $67.47 price, and then have $27.00 to spend on something else. You could also buy a $89.95 title like Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and save even more.

You could then take that $27.00 and spend it on anything, and just save that money and be done with it. But you could also rebuy another set of vouchers using the Gold Points and it would make the next set of vouchers $107.95, which would then make each $79.95 title just $53.97 for a brand new release. You would also then earn another $6.75 after that.

Even if you don’t want another set of vouchers, it would make another new release game $52.95 with the $27.00 worth of gold points. Think of all the upcoming indie and other eShop only games you could pick up too with this, especially when they’re on sale too. Metroid Prime Remastered would be just $14.95 if you used the credit on that.

You could also buy Famicom Detective Club, which has never gone on sale – but probably would after you did. Go on, take one for the team.

It’s just vouchers and gold points all the way down. There’s at least six announced big first party titles still coming to the Nintendo Switch and it’s compatible with most of Nintendo’s first party back catalogue and some other cracking titles as well. The vouchers last a whole year, so if there’s still nothing that takes your fancy right now, who knows what will be announced in the future.


The promotion is on until July 14th, now if only a retailer would put eShop cards for 10% off before then and we could save even more.

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