Mario Strikers: Battle League Football’s first free update detailed, yes – it has Daisy


The first wave of DLC for Mario Strikers: Battle League Football has been revealed and adds two new characters – Daisy and Shy Guy.

Daisy joins the game as character with a technique rating, Shy Guy is an all-around nice guy (and his stats are the same too). There’s also a new gear set that is based on Knights and a new stadium Desert Ruin.

The free Wave 1 update drops on Friday morning, July 22nd. Nintendo says two more updates are coming to the game in 2022 as well with more characters, gear and stadiums.

Note: Video below is from Nintendo of America, as for some reason the Nintendo UK video (with the name used in Australia) was pulled from YouTube.

Update 22/7: The first wave of content is here alongside a new patch, here’s the change notes.

Ver. 1.1.0 (Released July 21, 2022)

Additional Content

  • Added ‚ÄúDaisy‚ÄĚ as a playable character.
  • Added ‚ÄúShy Guy‚ÄĚ as a playable character.
  • Added the ‚ÄúDesert Ruin‚ÄĚ stadium.
  • Added the ‚ÄúKnight‚ÄĚ gear set.

Added Features

  • Increased how many items can be displayed in the Notifications ticker in Strikers Club.
  • When choosing “Random” on the Character Selection screen, the geared version of the Character will be selected (if one exists).


  • Reduced the probability of scoring on a weak shot from far away.
  • Reduced the probability of Stars appearing when you are losing by a 1 or 2 point difference.
  • Revised the CPU behavior and opposing team composition in Cup Battles. 
  • Added visible trail to the ball when it‚Äôs not in active possession, making it easier to see.
  • Made player numbers easier to see when playing online.
  • Fixed an issue when playing as Waluigi and using a hyper strike in which the ball could hit a goal post and not go in.
  • Made several other adjustments to game balance and fixed several other issues to improve the gameplay experience.

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  • Silly G
    July 19, 2022 at 11:19 pm

    I’ll hold out until all of the updates are available for both this and Switch Sports, and Nintendo issue complete carts (as reprints of first-party titles typically include patches on the cart, Smash Ultimate possibly being one of very few exceptions as the patches tip the game into 32GB cart territory).

    I’m so sick of publishers rushing unfinished games to shelves, but I find Nintendo’s behaviour in this regard even more intolerable. I used to buy virtually everything at launch, but no more.

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