Pokémon Sword and Shield bundles with Expansion Pass hitting shelves on November 6th.


If you’re yet to get on the Pok√©mon Sword and Shield train then maybe should wait for these. The Pok√©mon Company has announced that Pok√©mon Sword and Shield will be sold in a special bundle containing the main games and Expansion Pass on November 6th.

These versions of the game will include the Expansion Pass content in the box. That’s The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra.

We’ll have more on local pricing for these bundles in the morning.

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Oh wow!
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  • Silly G
    September 30, 2020 at 3:49 am

    Awww, yeah! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

    All is forgiven… for now.

    As long as the option is available to have the DLC content on cartridge, they can make all the damn DLC they please. The cases are a little ugly, but good thing I have the steelbooks, I guess. ūüėõ

  • Silly G
    October 2, 2020 at 5:27 am

    The RRP is $124.95 which is the same as buying the base game + DLC separately (but this way, you get the DLC content on cartridge).

    I still want a copy of both, but I am considering selling off my base game cartridges. I’m hoping that somebody will pull through and sell these babies for $110 or $100 closer to launch (or include a pre-order incentive), but I am not terribly optimistic. As long as this is standard practice moving forward (that is, where the DLC content is eventually released on cartridge) then I am fine with it. What I am not fine with is a good chunk of the experience being supplemented with expensive DLC that I cannot tangibly own. I had no problem with buying revised versions or sequels of previous games. I understand why people don’t like them, but I enjoyed the games so much that I didn’t mind playing through them again.

    With both cartridge and DLC options, we have the best of both worlds.

    Looks like this may be my most hotly anticipated holiday release after all.

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