The Nintendo Switch is 7 years old today


Today is March 3rd, 2024, which means it’s the 7th birthday of the Nintendo Switch. Yes, this day, seven years ago, the Nintendo Switch was unleashed upon the world, and we knew it was good, but no one, not even Nintendo could foresee just how well it would do.

The Nintendo Switch has surprised us with how well it’s done, but for how long it’s been around. There hasn’t been a Nintendo console in some time that’s lasted this long, not at least without a follow-up or successor being announced or already planned. We’re in uncharted terrority in both the console’s success and age.

It would appear that Nintendo will push the Switch well in 2025 now; there are 139.6 million Switch consoles sold as of December 31st, 2023. Can Nintendo reach the Nintendo DS at 154 million? If that’s achievable, then the 155 million of the PlayStation 2 should also be conquerable. It’ll all depend on how the rest of this year goes.

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