Chrome extension allows Aussies to browse and buy Switch eShop titles in a browser

For years now we’ve been waiting for a proper way to browse and buy Nintendo eShop games online and have our console download them while we’re at work or school. Most other big Nintendo branches have it, but sadly for Aussies, we’ve missed out – until now.

Before we go any further, we should point out that there is a way to currently buy Nintendo Switch games through a web browser through individual “ec.nintendo.com” links. These links that Nintendo shares on social media or we can find thanks to the Nintendo UK website. But there’s no real way to browse and buy, and making those links isn’t user-friendly.

Until now…

As you may or may not know the Australian Nintendo eShop shares its store “backend” with Europe. Essentially Australia is just another region on it, like Germany or France. Long time reader of Vooks, Dunnymiester has created a Chrome extension that will allow you to browse the Nintendo UK website, which already shows AU prices if you’re logged into your Nintendo account and buy games. Currently, you can see the AU prices, you can’t buy. This extension simply adds a link to EC link we mentioned before and allows you to buy games, in AUD, through the Australian store.

So to buy games off the Australian eShop, just download this extension and head to Nintendo.co.uk and start browsing.

At least until we get our own site or they break it that is.

Note: This is a third party Chrome extension and may break at any moment, and is certainly not supported by Nintendo at all. You should also be careful in buying games that may have region locked DLC or in the case of Splatoon 2 – just don’t buy it (Save data isn‚Äôt compatible and you‚Äôll have to compete in another regions Splatfest instead). Use at your own risk.¬†

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