Tools and apps to help you get the most out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an absolutely massive game, there’s so much to learn no matter if you’re a new or returning player.

We’ve put together this list of websites and applications, most of which that are free, that will allow you to keep track of everything, enhance your New Horizons experience and let you have even more fun with the game.

If there’s an app or website that you know of (or have created yourself!) please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it!

AC Patterns

Website – ACPatterns.com

The Animal Crossing Pattern Tool website is a powerful addition to your New Horizons experience. Not only is it a repository of cool designs that you can zap into the game using NookLink, but it’s also a powerful editor.

You use a mouse to draw your patterns or better yet you can actually import image files to the editor. You then can touch them up using the tools and create a QR code to bring your code to life in the game.

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Website – turnip.exchange

It’s Saturday and you’ve got a room full of Turnips about to go rotten, or maybe you’ve got a smashing price for yours and you want to share the love – what do you do?

Well you could always find some good prices on our Discord server, but what where else? Try the Turnip Exchange!

You can post up your Dodo Code to allow people onto your island to get your well-priced Turnips or find someone else’s code to offload your haul. If you were to simply post your Dodo Code on Twitter you might just get a rush of people, Turnip Exchange can manage your queue so your island doesn’t get rushed.

Turnip Prophet

Website – https://turnipprophet.io

Playing the Turnip Game is a dangerous one, but you can better the odds in your favour by knowing how the prices are going to end up. There’s only a certain number of patterns the turnip prices follow, by using the Turnip Prophet it’ll help you figure out when to sell and avoid a spike or big drop. This one is the for the really experienced folks!


Website – https://nookazon.com

After a certain item, or have something you know is hot and want to offload it? Nookazon is the place to do it.

All “transactions” are handled via contacting the person on Discord, they also can list their Nintendo Switch friend code but you’ll probably want to complete the sale via Dodo Code.

You can even sign up to make your own profile and make a wishlist of items you want, and items you have to offload. People can then look you up in the future and contact you for something.


Website – NookNet.net

Changing your town tune has always been a fun part of Animal Crossing, but if you haven’t got a lick of musical sense how can you avoid making your tune sound like a broken 1990s mobile phone?

NookNet allows you to not only pick up tunes others have created, but also has an editor to create them on your computer. NookNet has also recently added a Custom Design sharing portal as well.

ACNH Travel Guide

Paid App – $4.99AUD – Download from App Store (iOS Only)

The ACNH Travel Guide is a wonderfully crafted smartphone app that covers a number of things. At its core, it’s an app to keep track of what bugs, fish and fossils you have collected and how many left you have left to collect. It goes a little further, however, telling you when each fish and bug types, what’s available right now (for both hemispheres) and upcoming events that may affect what you can collect. You can also keep track of what DIY Recipes, K.K Slider Songs, Villagers and Fruit you have left to collect.

This is certainly the sharpest Animal Crossing app we’ve come across, it is only available on iOS but this next app is on Android.

Free Alternative Apps

Happy Island Designer

Website – Free – Happy Island Designer

Creating your island paradise takes time, moving bridges takes days as does moving houses and you could take even longer manipulating the terrain. So instead of doing it in the game, plan out how you’d like your island to look using this tool. It won’t put it into the game for you, you’ll still have to do the hard work but you’ll at least be working from a plan.

Dodo Airlines

Website – Free – https://dodoairlines.com

This website is a bit of a catch all of different tools. There’s a fun Boarding Pass generator for your island, a passport creator to show off yourself and a couple of other tools for creating infographics to share on social media that show you, your island, what kind of fruit you have and more.

This one’s just a bit of fun!


Paid – Part of the Nintendo Switch Online app, must have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Download from the App Store, Google Play Store

This is one isn’t free, but chances are if you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons you’re probably already paying for Nintendo Switch Online.

NookLink is a part of the Nintendo Switch Online app, which usually isn’t much to talk about, but NookLink has proven useful. NookLink allows for a couple of useful things in New Horizons.

Firstly it’s the only way aside from drawing them manually to get custom designs into the game. Point it at a QR code and it’ll be available in the game through your NookPhone custom Designs app. It’s quick, and it works well.

NookLink also allows you to chat in game using your phone keyboard, the chat input window is still quite small but it’s a lot easier to chat on your phone than using the keyboard on the Switch screen. Lastly and this is something that no other Nintendo game has allowed before, it allows you to contact “Best Friends” using the app, outside of the game. They have to be online, but you can ask and chat to them about it anything and it’ll show up in their game.

These hyperlinks lead to websites published or operated by third parties who are not affiliated with Vooks. At the time of publishing, all websites listed were all live and available.

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