Vookcast Episode #97 – Flashing Lights, Remixes and Strange Sports

We have a regular news and games episode for you this fortnight. The usual crew of James, Steven and Daniel all return, and are joined by Troy. You might recognise him from a past episode, or from the Mario Kart Twitch streams that have been happening over the last few weeks.

The guys cover a whole swathe of news, from the Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 Directs and some completely new announcements like Marvel Super Heroes in Disney Infinity and a new Fatal Frame title. As well as this, Nintendo has announced it’s plans for E3, and this triggers some interesting conversation.

As for recent releases, the team covers a few digital and retail releases this episode, starting with the Not Quite Indie darling of the moment, Child of Light. The new NES Remix 2 and Mario Golf: World Tour also get a chance to shine in discussion.

And that’s your Vookcast for another fortnight! We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to give us some feedback whether it be positive or not.

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James ‚Äď @Nemesis556
Steven ‚Äď @NinjaCatfish
Daniel ‚Äď @flamecondor
Troy ‚Äď @StewedPenguin

This episode was produced by James and features the following music in order of appearance: –

Aurora’s Theme (from Child of Light)
by CŇďur de pirate

Pilgrims on a Long Journey (from Child of Light)
by CŇďur de pirate

Hymn of Light (from Child of Light)
by CŇďur de pirate

Leave Your Castle (from Child of Light)
by CŇďur de pirate

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