Tetris 99’s third Grand Prix offers a Game Boy theme as its prize

Paid DLC wasn’t the only thing included in today’s Tetris 99 update. Aside from a few visual updates, it also introduced themes, and the first one will be available in the next Grand Prix.

The Tetris 99 Grand Prix 3, celebrating the 35th anniversary of Tetris, starts a week from now, on the 17th of May, and runs for 3 days. All you have to do to earn points is play, with every game dishing out a certain amount of points dependent on your position, as seen in the table below.

1st place100 pts
2nd place50 pts
3rd place30 pts
4th-10th place20 pts
11th-30th place10 pts
31st-50th place7 pts
51st-90th place4 pts
90th-99th place1 pt

However, unlike previous Grand Prix events, there is no Gold Coin prize here. If you reach 100 points, you’ll permanently unlock a Game Boy theme that can be used at any time after the tournament.

We don’t know exactly what this theme will include, but it’s safe to say it’ll at least theme the blocks to be much more like their Game Boy counterparts that we all know and love. Maybe we’ll also get some of the music ‚ÄĒ who knows. There’s only one way to find out.

The Tetris 99 Grand Prix 3: Tetris 35th Anniversary runs from 5:00 pm on Friday the 17th of May til 4:59 pm on Monday the 20th of May AEST.

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