Charles Martinet & Shigeru Miyamoto share video message after Mario voice announcement


Nintendo promised a video with Charles Martinet and Shigeru Miyamoto, and overnight we got it.

The video, which runs for several minutes has an intro from Charles Martinet, followed up by Miyamoto and then back to Charles. In the video Charles reconfirms his move to become a Mario ambassador where he is looking forward to seeing “all of you at events around the world in the years to come”.

Miyamoto then reminisced about meeting Charles and on the long journey they’ve had. He also explained that every time Charles would meet Miyamoto he would call him “Papa!”. Charles then returned to finish off the video once again thanking fans having the privilege to voice Mario, meet the fans of Mario and bring joy to so many people.

“My favourite thing in the world is to meet Mario fans, fellow Mario fans like me, because I’m just so grateful for your joy and the happiness and enthusiasm.”

“I think all that we’re here to do, or all that I’m here to do, is to touch your hearts, to make your smile and to make you laugh, and bring a little big of that magic of happiness. And it’s been such an honour, and such a joy for so many years that I look forward to continuing to bring that joy and help us all remember our innocence, and our happiness and our joy through great games.”

Charles signed off with an oki-doki, Lets-a-go and one final Wahoo.

If only everyone could enjoy their job as much as Charles.

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