Star Fox 2 developer surprised by the pending release

by Luke HendersonJune 29, 2017

When Nintendo announced the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, or SNES Mini if you prefer, the announcement that Star Fox 2 would be included sent the internet into a tizzy. Known for having been completed, but never released, players have been asking Nintendo for years to release the completed sequel to the original game and now they are, some people just don’t know what to make of it.

Dylan Cuthbert was one person, as someone who was involved in the games creation over 20 years ago has come out and stated:

I didn’t know about it at all. We don’t have any work happening with Nintendo right now so there wouldn’t have been an NDA-safe way of letting me know anyway. On the other hand, I got to have a big awesome surprise like everyone else so I’m quite happy about that.
It’s an absolutely awesome feeling. Incredible really. Perhaps a first in the games industry even. I hope so. The English version of X for Gameboy next please.

While the game has rumored to be floating around somewhere, Cuthbert did mention that they were all incomplete ROMs:

All those ROMs lacked the final magic – i.e. the Mario Club QA and tuning process that makes Nintendo games so good. The final few months of iteration are so important for a game. Also they were set up in debug modes, so the encounter systems didn’t seem to work very well.

If you think Cuthbert was happy at the announcement, even being completely surprised by it, he has taken it very well, with him and other members of the original team heading out for drinks to celebrate the games pending release.

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