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by Daniel VuckovicNovember 30, 2018

Last week was pretty crazy, over 150 games on sale, some of the biggest names and this week – not so much.

There’s some good deals, and there’s some new stuff that looks exciting as well. For some reason, a lot of them come out on Saturday as well. Very odd.

Anyway, what are you picking up this week?

New Releases

Monday 26th

Sword of the Guardian (Billy Chan Studio) – $19.50
Mordheim: Warband Skirmish (Legendary Games) – $34.99

Tuesday 27th

Football Manager 2019 Touch (Sega) – $54.99
Spintires: Mudrunner – American Wilds (Focus Home Interactive) – $59.95
 Color Zen (Cypronia) РFREE 
 The War of Mine: Complete Edition (11 bit Studios) Р$60.00

Wednesday 28th

 99Vidas РDefinitive Edition (QUByte Interactive) Р$13.99
R-Type Dimensions EX (Tozai Games) – $22.50
GRIP Digital Deluxe (Wired Productions) – $72.00

Thursday 29th

 Screencheat: Unplugged (Samurai Punk) Р$17.99
 Cattails (FalconDevelopment) Р$21.99
 Horizon Chase Turbo (AQUIRUS) Р$30.00
 Akihabara РFeel the Rhythm Remixed (JMU Interactive) Р$12.00
 Crimson Keep (Merge Games) Р$29.99
 Dexteritrip (Undergames) Р$9.99
 GensokyoDefenders (UNTIES) Р$30.00
 Big Bash Boom (Big Ant Studios) Р$89.95
 Basketball (Sabec) Р$12.00

Friday 30th

 ABZU (505 Games) Р$30.00
 Marenian Tarven Story: Patty and the Hungry God (KEMCO) Р$30.00
 Escape Doodland (QubicGames) Р$14.99
 Coffee Crisis (QuibicGames) Р$14.99
 Rival Megagun (DEGICA) Р$19.50
 Oxyjet (Upstairs Digital) Р$22.50
 Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax (Aksys Games) Р$15.00
 NAIRI: Tower of Shirin (Another Indie Studio) Р$15.00
 Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 (Microids) Р$69.95 
 Professional Farmer: Nintendo Switch Edition (UIG Entertainment) Р$60.00
 OkuniKA (Ignition Publishing) Р$15.00
 Secret Files: Tungska (Koch Media) Р$22.50
 Animal Hunter Z (Starsign) Р$15.00
Arcade Archives ROUTE 16 (HAMSTER) – $10.50
3D Billiards (Joindots) – $29.99
Cluedo (Marmalade Game Studio) – $39.99

December 1st 

¬†Rock Boshers DX: Director’s Cut (Tikipod) – $9.00
 I am the Hero (Ratalaika Games) Р$14.99
 The First Tree (David Wehle) Р$15.00
Instant Tennis (Breakfist Games) – $12.90
Harvest Life (rokapublish) – $39.99
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (CAPY) – $13.25
Race Arcade (Iceflake Studios) – $15.00

Release dates refer to the date listed in the eShop. Sometimes a game may be listed for the 19th for example, but not arrive on the Australian eShop until very late in the day or the next day due to our affiliation with the European eShop system. Titles available will change and update during the week, we’ll do a major update to the article on Thursday night/Friday morning which traditionally is the ‘usual’ update time.

New Sales

  Death Squared (SMG Studio) Р$7.34 (Usually $14.99, ends 6/12)
  FunBox Party (Drageus Games) Р$2.25 (Usually $3.00, ends 28/11)
  Mad Carnage (Drageus Games) Р$5.62 (Usually $7.50, ends 28/11)
  Tactical Mind (Drageus Games) Р$3.37 (Usually $4.50, ends 28/11)
  JYDGE (10tons) Р$10.99 (Usually $21.99, ends 4/12)
  Xenoraid (10tons) Р$7.49 (Usually $14.99, ends 4/12)
¬†¬†Black the Fall (SandSailorStudio) –¬†$11.47 (Usually $22.95, ends 30/12)
¬†¬†Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch’s Story: COMBAT (INSIDE SYSTEM)¬†– $9.45 (Usually $13.50, ends 13/12)
  Layers of Fear: Legacy (Bloober Team) Р$15.00 (Usually $30.00, ends 3/12)
  Moonfall Ultimate (Wales Interactive) Р$13.65 (Usually $19.50, ends 13/12)
  Pic-a-Pix Deluxe (Lightwood Games) Р$9.59 (Usually $11.99)
  Semispheres (Vivid Helix) Р$7.49 (Usually $14.99, ends 6/12)
  Star Ghost (RAINYFROG) Р$9.45 (Usually $13.50, 13/12)
  Crush Your Enemies! (Vile Monarch) Р$9.60 (Usually $12.00, ends 12/12)
  Freedom Planet (Marvelous Europe) Р$14.62 (Usually $22.50, ends 13/12)

Continuing Sales

  Human: Fall Flat (Curve Digital) Р$11.25 (Usually $22.50, ends 3/12)
  Swap This! (Two Tribes Publishing) Р$1.49 (Usually $1.80, ends 2/12)
  The Way Remastered (Sonka) Р$7.19 (Usually $23.99, ends 7/12)
  Earthworms (SONKA) Р$4.37 (Usually $12.49, ends 7/12)
  Detective Gallo (MixedBag) Р$13.00 (Usually $20.00, ends 3/12)
  Pinstripe (Serenity Forge) Р$16.31 (Usually $21.75, ends 3/12)
  Neverout (Gamedust) Р$7.19 (Usually $11.99, ends 30/11)
  VSR: Void Space Racing (SONKA) Р$1.54 (Usually $15.49, ends 14/12)
  Behind The Screen (COSEN) Р$10.80 (Usually $13.50, ends 6/12)
  Time Carnage (Wales Interactive) Р$13.65 (Usually $19.50, ends 6/12)
  Dragon Sinker (KEMCO) Р$15.60 (Usually $19.50, ends 6/12)
¬†¬†Gekido Kintaro’s Revenger (Naps Teams) – $10.39 (Usually $14.85, ends 6/12)
  Survive! MR.CUBE (Intagames) Р$15.75 (Usually $22.50, ends 7/12)
  Spheroids (Eclipse Games) Р$8.99 (Usually $11.99, ends
  Defoliaton (COSEN) Р$10.80 (Usually $13.50, ends 6/12)
  Swap This! (Two Tribes Publishing) Р$1.49 (Usually $1.80, ends 2/12)
  Rapala Fishing Pro Series (Game Mill) Р$42.00 (Usually $52.50, ends 5/12)
  Big Buck Hunter Arcade (Game Mill) Р$42.00 (Usually $52.50, ends 5/12)
  Goosebumps The Game (Game Mill) Р$42.00 (Usually $52.50, ends 5/12)
  Mutant Mudds Collection (Atooi) Р$9.75 (Usually $19.50, ends 30/11)
  Xeodrifter (Atooi) Р$7.50 (Usually $15.00, ends 30/11)
  Soccer Slammers (Atooi) Р$7.50 (Usually $15.00, ends 30/11)
  Monster Jam: Crush It! (Game Mill) Р$18.00 (Usually $45.00, ends 10/12)
  Carton Network: Battle Crashers (Game Mill) Р$18.00 (Usually $45.00, ends 10/12)
  Dead Fun Pack: Penguins and Aliens Strikes Again (EnjoyUp Games) Р$5.25 (Usually $10.50, ends 13/12)
  Totes the Goat (Atooi) Р$3.75 (Usually $7.50, ends 30/11)

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