Windbound is setting sail on Switch this August

by Luke HendersonApril 3, 2020

5 Level Studios, is an Australia group and they have announced not only a new partnership with Deep Silver for their new game, but their new rogue-like 3rd-person survival adventure game as well. Windbound is the story of Kara who has been shipwrecked, the shores of an unknown land, and must learn to adapt and survive, while solving the mysteries of a series of forgotten islands.

Windbound takes the survival genre in a new direction, focusing on nomadic hunting and exploration, together with custom boat building and an immersive tactile sailing experience. The game provides endless replayability options thanks to the procedural world, dynamic wildlife and modular boat crafting.

But it is not just a matter of making your way out, you will need to scavenge the islands’ untamed terrain for resources that you can use to craft a full range of tools and weapons to hunt wildlife and upgrade your boat. You must set sail when resources become scarce. When you do set sail, head towards the horizon and advance across the islands, each with their own diverse wildlife, landscapes and challenges to face.

The screens below are not from the Switch version, but will give you an idea of just how the world looks. The game will hit Switch on August 28.

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