Aussie Bargain Roundup: 51 Worldwide Games

While it might have one of the most vanilla names here in Australia, 51 Worldwide Games looks to a jam-packed full of fun.

With 51 games, at retail that puts each game at just over $1 each, and that’s a bargain in and of itself. So what about if we can find it cheaper? Even better.

51 Worldwide supports local multiplayer, download-play multiplayer and online play for a number of games. Nintendo’s got this handy trailer that runs through them all as well. You can also read our review of the game to find out everything else.

At the moment the only real discount is $55 at The Gamesmen with Amazon matching. Target and Big W don’t have a listing just yet.


  • 51 Worldwide Games – $55.00 – Link

Big W 

  • 51 Worldwide Games – TBC

EB Games

  • 51 Worldwide Games – $59.95 – Link


  • 51 Worldwide Games – $59.95 – Link
    • Because this game is the game is only $59 it’s not eligible for a voucher, nor would you want to waste one on it.


  • 51 Worldwide Games – $55.00 – Link

Harvey Norman

  • 51 Worldwide Games – $58Link

JB Hi-Fi

  • 51 Worldwide Games – $59 – Link


  • 51 Worldwide Games- $59.00Link
    • Welcome back


  • 51 Worldwide Games – TBC


  • 51 Worldwide Games – $60.99 – Link

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  • Silly G
    May 21, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    I hope that people support Gamesmen as they are the only remaining independent and family-owned gaming store in the country that supplies Australian stock. Amazon is shamelessly trying to run our local businesses into the ground and establish a monopoly in the retail space. Good luck finding anything for less than RRP when that happens (and it seems that it’s only a matter of time).

    • May 21, 2020 at 12:29 pm

      This is why we always try and put game is $X at with Amazon matching them. To indicate that it’s the store driving the price down not Amazon.

      Also why when people say “I’ll just match it at EB” it’s doing more harm than good. If you can buy it from the store with the lowest price first, we’ll have lower prices more. Sometimes you can’t buy from them, and it’s even harder now, but you should try.

      The department stores might be a little iffy with stock, and games on arriving on time. But never heard a bad word about Gamesmen.

      • Silly G
        May 22, 2020 at 1:18 am

        And I appreciate that you point that out. My comment was to put pricing into perspective for those who may not consider how much our brick and mortars are struggling against monoliths like Amazon and especially the tiniest fish of them all, Gamesmen (who, in recent years, have drastically reduced shelf space for video games, now with a lot of space dedicated to board/card/parlour games) which is not encouraging. And I confess that I am guilty of being seduced by the convenience and competitiveness of Amazon, but the long term consequences for physical releases is immense if they were to have their way.

        My main gripe with Gamesmen is that their games are sometimes not sealed (though they keep most of their stock behind the counter) which is an issue that I have with retailers in this country generally (Nintendo *usually* doesn’t shrink wrap games that they publish in Australia, which may surprise some people to know). The JB located close to my workplace is usually good in that sense as I usually pick up games at launch day, sealed, but they’re currently closed indefinitely due to current circumstances.

        I am inclined to head over for Gamesmen for this one, even though it’s out of my way (and will mostly negate any discount to be had) to show my support and maybe even pick up a few other goodies while I’m there.

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