51 Worldwide Games ‘Pocket Edition’ has four free games, mosaic mode, links to full game

by Daniel VuckovicJune 4, 2020

Nintendo has announced 51 Worldwide Games Pocket Edition which will also release tomorrow alongside the full version of 51 Worldwide Games.

Pocket Edition is a smaller cut down version of the full 51 Worldwide Games software and is more then just a client for the main game that allows multiplayer. (referred to Download Play in the past)

Pocket Edition has four games included Dominoes, Four-in-a-Row (Connect Four), President and Slot Cars. You can play these solo, or you can play with local multiplayer and other Switch consoles.

The Pocket Edition can also be used to link to the main version of the game so you can play things like Hanafuda or Mahjong and have your cards and tiles hidden. You can even use Pocket Edition to play games in the Mosiac Mode which allows games to run over multiple screens on multiple Switch consoles.

51 Worldwide Games Pocket Edition will be a free download, and it’s also out tomorrow alongside the main game. Read our review of 51 Worldwide Games, and then see our bargain guide to get it cheap.

*Pocket Edition is the Japanese name for what’s been referred to as Guest Edition or Guest Pass in other regions. We’re not sure what it’s called in Australia because everything has to be named different in other regions for some reason.

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