Sam & Max Save the World Remaster coming to Switch in December

Telltale Games’ revival of the Sam & Max franchise, is itself getting a revival of it’s own.

Sam & Max Save the World was the return of the crime-fighting pooch and bunny after a decade of sitting on the sidelines. Sam & Max Save the World is “Season One” of the game. Since it’s now been even longer than the franchise slept last time, things technically have got a little janky with the game and that’s where this remaster comes in.

After TellTale closed in 2018,  Skunkape Games acquired the rights to TellTales’ Sam & Max games and have been working on getting it running at a modern standard. Skunkape Games is made up of former Telltale Games employees, some who even worked on the original. The graphics, lighting, lip-syncing, resolution, aspect ratio and even the controls have been given a refresh.

The game has also been tweaked to make it feel like one game and not six episodes, character models have been updated and new locations and camera work have been added as well.

The game will be out next month, December 2nd, for Switch as well as the PC.

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  • Jim M.
    November 11, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    While it was great to see Sam and Max back again when this first came out, the puzzles ended up being pretty tepid due to the episodic nature.

    It really felt like going through the motions, and there were no satisfying “aha” moments when you realised that useless item you picked up hours ago could be combined with something new to solve a devious puzzle.

    I’d rather see the first game remastered.

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